Positivity – Finding the Positive in a Negative World

Life Isn’t Always Positive Sometimes we just feel negative and can’t find an ounce of positivity anywhere and frankly thats ok. We are human and feeling is completely natural and normal (whatever that means!) It is however easy to board the negative train and never get off. I was one of these people call me […]


Playing A Game I Call: Beat the Bin Man

Tales of a Disorganised Housewife Have You Ever Forgotten Bin Day? On Tuesdays I play a game I call beat the bin man. It’s something I must be subconsciously addicted to playing because despite my personal chastising I still accept the challenge each week. I swear each time that the following Tuesday I will be […]


Anxiety My Story & How I Cope

Anxiety I sit here writing this post with such a feeling hanging over me. I feel worried, stressed and sick to my stomach for no real reason. I am suffering with anxiety. Anxiety is a very common emotion that everyone will feel at some point in their life. It can be triggered by many different […]

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FOUNDATION: A Complete Guide

Foundation Think of Foundation as the complete base of your make up. Like anything make up starts with a foundation and like a house, if the foundation is shoddy then the house will fall down. The foundation is everything. It sets a platform for the rest of the makeup to be built upon. Get this […]


Last night I lay in bed candles flickering Christmas novel in hand and I began to let the excitement of Christmas wash over me. My husband Oliver was in Manchester centre with work colleagues and the house was quiet and still. I needed the rest, my mind needed to unwind and it felt great. When […]

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#TamponTax There is a real risk of TMI with posts like this so don’t worry I have no desire to discuss my monthly period with you in any depth! If you have already viewed it you will know this weeks video is based around the #TamponTax issue that is still very much in discussion across […]