Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday What my family and I do

Shrove Tuesday

Tuesday the 9th of February marked Shrove Tuesday, known to many as Pancake day and it sparked an obsession I have had since a child. When I was younger we never celebrated pancake day at home which is sad because pancakes are one of my absolute favourite foods. The only time I would eat pancakes was when visiting my paternal Grandmother and I have to say she made a good pancake!!
Luckily my husband and son both like a good pancake and although they don’t share my addiction it means we can indulge in a good Shrove Tuesday which makes up for all the ones I missed as a child.


Pancake Toppings

For me I love to be boring traditional which means if we have crepe style pancakes it has to be lemon and sugar and if we have |American pancakes then its always maple syrup! My husband is much more adventurous he likes fresh fruit, yogurt, Nutella or honey. My son he is chocolate crazy so it’s almost always lashings of Nutella but occasionally he just likes them buttered!


Touble is once I have started indulging in my pancake side it becomes all I seem to crave! Since Tuesday i have wanted to eat pancakes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and I am at risk of looking like a pancake!! I go through phases like this where I become almost obsessive over a food and then suddenly as quick as it starts I can’t stand the sight of the food! My husband says I ruin food for him and I think he has a point!

What is your favourite pancake?


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Anxiety My Story & How I Cope



I sit here writing this post with such a feeling hanging over me. I feel worried, stressed and sick to my stomach for no real reason. I am suffering with anxiety. Anxiety is a very common emotion that everyone will feel at some point in their life. It can be triggered by many different things and its not the same for everyone. Some people thrive off it and others become emotionally paralyzed because of it.

What can be a trigger for anxiety?

Anything and everything can be a trigger it is dependent on the person experiencing the anxiety. Triggers for me are:

Too much caffeine
Stressful situations
Speaking in public
Small spaces

Sometimes there is no real trigger and the feeling just washes over me with no cause.

What does anxiety feel like?

There is no one size fits all. It’s different for each individual. Personally I experience heightened heart rate, a churning in the pit of my stomach, shortness of breathe and a general unexplained feeling of worry.  Depending on the trigger and the situation defines how severe my symptoms are ranging from mild discomfort to excessive panic attacks.

When is anxiety a problem?

There is no ‘normal’ level of anxiety and if for example you live a lifestyle that includes heightened stress then you may experience more levels of anxiety than someone else. This doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem though. It’s OK to experience some anxious feelings especially in certain situations like before a big exam. There only becomes a problem when it stops or prevents you from living your life, or doing things you would usually enjoy.

How can I cope with anxiety?

If anxiety isn’t getting in the way of your life and you just want ways to manage it day to day then you can try some things to help prevent it and contain it if these feelings arise:
Regular daily exercise
Fresh air
Good diet
Breathing exercises
Calming music
Getting away from whatever is making you anxious or if that’s not possible visualize in your mind being somewhere you are more comfortable
Face your fears – Sometimes the idea of facing your fear is much worse than actually doing it
Talking  about it with someone you are comfortable with and trust

However if anxiety is a big part of your life or it is gradually preventing you from living your life in the way you’d like or it is becoming unbearable it is important to:
Speak with a close friend or family member for support
Consult your GP

Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of and a GP can simply offer you access to other lines of support and help with other ways of dealing with this common emotion. For example you may be referred to someone specifically trained in dealing with feelings of anxiety who may be able to help you find the route cause and support you through your ability to deal with your anxiety.

It is important to remember that anxiety isn’t who you are it is simply just an emotion we feel. I have suffered with anxiety for the last twelve years and it has ranged in severity through my life from mild to extremely severe. I have days where I suddenly feel sick to my stomach as though something bad is going to happen and my heart races but there is no rhyme or reason to why. I begin to panic and its not always easy to get it under control it has taken me years to get to where I am and with still a long way to go. Never be afraid to get support with any issues you have no matter how big or small. There is no quick fix but I can guarantee once you start making progress you will feel a million times better.

I must stress I am not a doctor, nor am I medically trained in anyway. This post is written based on my personal experiences only and should not be taken in place of medical advice or diagnosis. If you are worried about your mental health please speak to your doctor or in an emergency dial 999.

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Foundation Header

FOUNDATION: A Complete Guide

Foundation Header


Think of Foundation as the complete base of your make up. Like anything make up starts with a foundation and like a house, if the foundation is shoddy then the house will fall down. The foundation is everything. It sets a platform for the rest of the makeup to be built upon. Get this important phase wrong and there is no coming back from it.

What makes the right foundation for you?

Everyone is different. Not everyone gets along with the same products and there are likely thousands of foundations on the market and that can make finding the right one difficult but follow the following rules of foundation and you can’t go wrong.

Rules of foundation

Not prepping

When a builder lays the foundations for a house the ground must first be prepped and the exact same goes for the face. Skin should be cleansed and moisturised and dry skin may even need moisturising twice. You should allow time for the moisturiser to absorb and settle into the skin first before rushing to apply foundation. If skin is not correctly prepped dry skin will cause the makeup to look ‘cakey’ and build up in drier areas. You may find some foundations work best with primers so if you aren’t getting the full benefit of your foundation consider trying a primer in combination.

Colour match

If your foundation is incorrectly matched to your skin colour then frankly there is no point wearing it. Too light a shade will just wash you out. Too dark a shade and you will look completely ridiculous. There is some marginal grace between shades however and adding bronzer can help makeshift a foundation a shade or so too light but even the best bronzers can’t bring you back from anything more than that. Remember as well that if you use fake tan or are lucky enough to get an actual tan, then your foundation colour may change depending on how dark your skin goes. Remember If you can’t find the exact shade you can mix two different colours together to achieve the desired shade if in doubt speak to an assistant or specialist to offer recommendations.

Using the wrong formula

Foundations, like people come in many different variations. Mousse, powder, cream, liquid, gel etc etc. Depending on your skin type will depend on the formulation best suited to your skin. For example powder foundation can sometimes sit on top of dry skin and look flaky and some cream and liquid foundations make oily prone skin worse. Whether you buy your make from the drugstore or a high end department store see if you can get a sample to take home or try the tester in the store and wear it over the course of the day. This allows you a chance to experiment with the different variations and find the best for you. If you are going to a makeup counter discuss with an assistant their recommendations for your skin type first. Remember our skin types can change throughout the year depending on lots of different outside factors which may mean you need to change the formulation of the product you are using.Foundation Types

Foundation line

It’s so easy to apply foundation and forget to blend the jawline and have an obvious foundation line around the face. This line isn’t always obvious in the mirror but in public it will be hard to miss. Blending is a huge factor when it comes to application of foundation whatever you do don’t miss this step!!

Applying the incorrect amount

Too much foundation will look caked on but too little can be patchy. Depending on your complexion some people can get away with a light coverage like that offered from a tinted moisturiser or a BB style cream. Some people however need a more full coverage but instead of applying more consider choosing a fuller coverage product.

Using the wrong application tool or technique

I hate the phrasing of this one because there is no right or wrong way to apply makeup it’s personal choice and preference for each individual. What I will say though is that some foundations do work better with certain techniques so don’t be afraid to step out of the box and try something new if you aren’t entirely happy with your foundations appearance. Sometimes it’s not the foundation that is wrong but the application. There are many different ways to apply foundation such as brushes, fingertips or sponges. Experiment with as many different techniques as you like and find the one that best suites you and your current foundation.

Brushes BlogMix it up

Don’t feel you have to stick with your choice for life. When you have run empty consider trying a new brand, formulation and even different application method. You never know you may find a new favourite.

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Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser

Planner Addict

I have no shame in admitting that I have quite the obsession with planners and organisers. In a world going digital I am clutching my notebooks and pens. I do almost everything online and I love it but when it comes to planning, organising and brainstorming I always default to a good old pad and pen. I have planners for everythiong recipes, addresses, fiances etc. Its the one gift that my family and friends know I will be over joyed with and they keep me organised and on track and I am frankly lost without them. It makes absolute sense that when I saw the Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser that I HAD to have it!!

Christmas Needs Organisation

Christmas is a busy time it takes planning and organisation and lists, lots of lists!!! The Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser is a fantastic way to keep everything together and plan your Christmas out to its full potential. Sometimes I find Christmas overwhelming because there is such a lot to do and I always forget something. I bought the Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser in October so I could fill it in leisurly without feeling rushed or bombarded. The best part of the planner is you can use it every year which makes it an investment!!

Where Can I Buy the Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser?

The Cath Kidston website of course stocks the organiser and the latest one can be found here. You can also purchase it from Amazon which is where I found it a link to one can be found here. If you are unsuccessful in finding the organiser from these links there are plenty more stockists online.

Is the Cath Kidston Organiser Expensive?

Like anything it depends on your budget the current edition retails on the Cath Kidston Website at £18.00 and the older editions which just have a different cover but are still useable are £14.95 on Amazon. The planners have no dates or year in them and can be resued again and again each year.

What’s Inside?

The Cath Kidston Organiser is a small ring binder which does mean you can add your own additional pages with a hole punch if you wish. There are some lovely Cath Kidston Christmas print tab seperators which are a lovely addition. At the back there is also some cute Cath Kidston Christmas Stickers.

The first pages are ‘To Do’ pages. Some are lined, some squared and others are plain.

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser To Do Page

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser To Do Page

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser To Do Page Squared

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser To Do Page Squared

Then there is a section for writing the names and addresses for your cards and seperate pages to list the people you are buying presents for and ideas.

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser Cards

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser Cards

There is a good section to list things ‘To Buy.’

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser To Buy Page

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser To Buy

Next is a whole section based around cooking with conversion tables, cooking times, meal planners, shopping lists, guest lists and places to stick recipes.

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser Menu Planner

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser Menu Planner


Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser Shopping List

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser Shopping List

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser Recipes

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser Recipes

Then at the back there is a great space for notes.

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser Notes

Cath Kidston Christmas Organiser Notes

Overall Review

If the organiser fits within your budget then I absolutely recommend however it isnt an essential to have a great Christmas! You can recreate your own Christmas planner yourself to save money and fit within your own specification if this is above your budget or just an expense you don’t want to spend.

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Christmas Shopping: My Top Recommendations

ChristmasChristmas Shopping

It’s almost December, which means Christmas is all too close. Pre-child I would do my Christmas shopping the day before Christmas eve and would often panic buy. Since I have become a Mum I have made a vow that every year I will begin Christmas shopping in October. By December its done, wrapped and ready and I can enjoy the festivities with the big thing ticked off my list.

Shopping Online

I love any kind of shopping. Online, food and in store. However when the people you are buying for are always with you it can be difficult. I opt to do almost all of my Christmas shopping online and it eases the stress and worry for me. Some of our family live quite a distance away so I can get the items shipped straight to their address and there is almost always a gift wrap option!

Where Are My Go To Places?

There is an array of websites to choose from but I have three that are my ultimate choices. Unless I am buying a specific brand product like Jo Malone, Clinque or Mac etc. I will search my top three retailers first. For generic items like board games, perfumes, toys etc I go to Amazon. If I want something unique or specialist I go to Not on the High Street or Etsy.


It’s not always the cheapest although sometimes it is!! However it is by far the most convenient. I have Prime which is a godsend! I can get certain items delivered the next day for free and even on a Sunday. Most products offer a gift wrap option and you can ship to an address of your choice. You can also save your card information so you can check out quickly with one click buying and you can add numerous items from different sellers to your basket and checkout all at once in one transaction. Amazon are also exceptional at customer service they dont hesitate to replace and refund items where needed and I feel secure and confident when purchasing from them.

Not on the High Street

My Mother -in- Law introduced me to this website and I have since purchased numerous gifts for people from there. They do really unique, quirky and personalized items. Their range is huge but is conveniently split into categories to give you inspiration. It is absolutely my go to place if I am stuck for a gift idea for someone, particularly Men I often find that they are hard to buy for and I hate getting the same things like aftershave, alcohol & gift cards. Not on the High Street has an array of suitable items that you wont find anywhere else. Most sellers offer giftwrapping too so you can have the item shipped straight under their Christmas tree!


Again another quirky, unique and personalized haven, especially around Christmas. Such intricate, beautiful, hidden gems ready to gift. Some sellers are international so check shipping times to ensure you will receive the item in plenty of time. I peruse this site endlessly all year round and find so many suitable gift ideas. Some sellers offer gift wrap and can again ship to an address of your choice.

The Addresses:

If you want to visit Amazon you can click here. Information on their Prime account is here.
To check out Etsy go here and Not on the High Street can be found here.

The opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. This post is not sponsored and I dint receive any payment for completing it.

Clinique array

Skincare Routine: Living With Facial Psoriasis



Living With Psoriasis:

I have suffered with Psoriasis for the past twelve years and during this time I have tried many different skincare products to find the ones that work for me. Psoriasis is a skin condition which causes dry, itchy and flaky patches anywhere on the body. When skin becomes grazed or damaged the body repairs itself however a psoriasis sufferers skin is continually repairing itself even when its healthy. For more information on Psoriasis please go here.
Psoriasis on the face can be someones worst nightmare and can lead to confidence issues and depression. Most of the topical ointments prescribed by GP’s are steroid based and that is something I would rather not use on my face. I have found a skincare routine that works for me and any psoriasis sufferer will know that can be life changing. The products I am going to discuss contain no medications so they will not clear up your condition alone but they can help ease the symptoms and appearance. The products are also suitable for other skin types as well as psoriasis sufferers.

My Skincare Routine

I start by removing any eye make up using Nivea double effect eye make up remover on a cotton pad. This is by far the best eye makeup remover I have found there is no need to scrub which can just increase any redness but it is also very gentle to the eyes and any psoriasis patches.

I then use Garnier Micellar liquid to take off any remaining makeup. I absolutely love this and you can use it on the eyes as well. It’s gentle and non irritating to my psoriasis or my skin.

Once I am confident that all of my makeup is removed I then cleanse using the Clinique sonic system head and Clinique sonic foaming facial soap. This product is surprisingly gentle but leaves an excellent smooth clean finish to the skin with no irritation.


Once my face is rinsed I pat dry with a soft towel and use Clinique clarifying lotion 1 on a cotton pad all over my face. Unlike some cleansers and toners that are harsh and cause a mild burning sensation, this doesn’t. It is gentle and calming to any psoriasis or blemish patches and doesn’t dry out the face. For people with dry skin the worst products can be drying products you want to use hydrating and moisturizing products. I use number 1 because that best matches my skin type but there are others available to tailor other skin types.

When my face is fully dry I use Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion+ all over my face and neck and allow it to sit and fully absorb for a moment. This is a non greasy but extremely effective facial moisturizer and is fantastic and hydrating to the skin which helps reduce the angry appearance of any psoriasis patches but is a really good moisturizer for any skin type. They also do the same product in a gel form for people with more greasy prone skin which helps hydrate the skin more appropriately. This bottle lasts me ages and is extremely good value for money.

I don’t get a lot of sleep and can sometimes look like I am sporting bin liners under my eyes so i use Clinique all about eyes cream before bed. You only need a small amount and its really smooth and soothing to the eye area. Again this pot has lasted me forever and it really does help.

I don’t often use oils or serums on my face but I was sent a bottle of Angela Langford bloom & glow face oil ages ago by a friend and I started using it when my face really needed that extra boost and I love it!! I was worried a facial oil would make my skin feel greasy and slimy and I hate that but this absorbs quickly and efficiently and boy does it make a difference! I use it maybe once a week at the moment but you could easily use it more frequently if you needed to, however a little goes a long way and I can tell when I have used it and when I am in need too. You can get some free samples and check out the whole range and purchase here.

Having a Good Skincare Routine is Important:

Having a good skincare routine is essential to maintain any skin type and I truly believe if you put in the effort to look after your skin you will see the reward. These are my go to skincare products right now but everyone’s skin is different so experiment and find what works for you and your skin type.

The Products:

Any Clinique counter can advise on the best products in their range for your skin type you can also check out their extensive range and purchase any of the Clinique products used here. Nivea products are available from most supermarkets and drugstore retailers more information is available here. Garnier Miceller cleansing water is available from most supermarkets and drugstore retailers more information is available here.

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Last night I lay in bed candles flickering Christmas novel in hand and I began to let the excitement of Christmas wash over me. My husband Oliver was in Manchester centre with work colleagues and the house was quiet and still. I needed the rest, my mind needed to unwind and it felt great.

When I heard the keys in the door I was almost ready to nod off I hadn’t slept properly in days and exhaustion was catching up with me. Ollie and I exchanged idle chatter and then his face froze and his tone changed. His hand was holding his phone and he asked if there had been an attack in Paris.

I reached for my phone and we both trawled news pages horrified to learn that there had been a number of suspected terrorist attacks within the city. My heart sank and I turned on the news and we watched in unison the red banners sailing across the screen and the scenes of Paris in disarray.

We lay for what felt like hours listening in silence as the news unfolded revealing more and more horrifying details. My heart broke for those involved their poor families. I imagined how terrified they must have felt how chaotic it must have been and how it was such an awful way to die. A tear shed for the lives not lost but stolen from innocent civilians in such a brutal way.

Then I thanked my blessings that my family, my unit were all safe under this roof and how easily it could have been Manchester instead how Ollie could have quite easily been in the wrong place at the wrong time. How only last month we were in Paris ourselves. Then I realised that it isn’t over that it will only continue London may be next, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester. The fear alone is paralysing.

We cannot let them win though we have to be united we have to show that despite the horrendous acts of terrorism we will stand strong because a life of fear is exactly what they want.


redone shot5


redone shot5


There is a real risk of TMI with posts like this so don’t worry I have no desire to discuss my monthly period with you in any depth! If you have already viewed it you will know this weeks video is based around the #TamponTax issue that is still very much in discussion across the nation and has had people up in arms for very different reasons.
There was a very public protest by menstruating women in white trousers outside the houses of parliament this week. If you haven’t seen it here is a link .

I have to admit it was brave and part of me has to respect these women for their courage and determination for what they believe in. Ultimately people are talking about it and that was exactly what they intended. Issues cannot change unless we talk about them after all. It isn’t something I would do or how I would get my point across but their attitude has to be admired on some level.
I have mixed feelings about the whole #TamponTax issue. I have sat back and read different articles supporting different views and then the comments which follow. Ultimately I have no problem with the cost of Tampons they are an expense I have to purchase and I couldn’t even tell you how much they cost because I just lump them in with everything else I need that week. For me its not even about the tax I pay on them all I know is I need them so I buy them.
Some peoples view is that tampons should be provided for free. I look at it like prescriptions I don’t want to pay £8 odd per item each month but I need the medications and they are essential to me so of course I have to pay it (I wont go in to pre-payment certificates because I am trying to make a point.) I have a long term illness that needs a lot of medications each month to maintain but someone who is healthy and has no health complications doesn’t have this expense. People who don’t have periods don’t have to pay for tampons but they are essential for some of those that do so does that mean they should be free and then in the same instance shouldn’t my prescriptions be free also? If tampons are provided for free then what next toilet paper? Nothing is really free though is it? In order to fund these our taxes would only increase in other places or in our national insurance.
I think the thing that really grated on me about the whole #TamponTax debacle is the way in which tampons are classed as ‘luxury’ items. I am lucky enough to be treated to many luxuries in my life UGG boots, make up, perfume even a coffee from Starbucks! However the week each month when I need tampons is in no way luxurious and the luxury certainly isn’t increased by a tampon!!
I am happy to pay tax on them I aren’t even disgruntled by the cost but please, please don’t insult me and women everywhere by classing them as a luxury!

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Winter is coming…

There is no denying that Summer is long gone and the inevitable Winter is looming. It’s that time of year when the temperature plummets and the desire to fire up the boiler increases. As a child I couldn’t understand why my parents were so reluctant to turn on the heating and they would encourage me to put on another layer. Now I’m an adult the one paying the bill I completely get it!! So in rebellion against the cost of energy I decided to create some tongue in cheek tips for staying warm without putting the heating on!!

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Trapped up North

Trapped Up North Manchester Review

Last night my friends Liliana, Kate and I visited Manchester’s scare attraction Trapped up North. We booked tickets a few weeks ago and since then my anxiety levels have slowly risen. I love Horror. I like being scared, the adrenaline when a movie makes you jump is a drug for me but that’s when I’m in my locked house and have my duvet to hide underneath. It doesn’t matter how much I tell myself its not real when you are in the moment during these staged horror events my heart races and fear well and truly takes over.

First of all a bit about Trapped up north. The idea is simple yet great you have 60 minutes to solve clues, find keys and figure out how to get out of your room before its TOO LATE! Whomever designed the concept is a genius. The rooms are low lighting so its hard to even see well enough not to mention you are terrified of the unknown and what may jump out around the corner. The pressure of the ticking clock and the distraction of cleverly placed items mean you waste time trying to solve clues that have no part in your actual escape. There are three rooms to chose from Quarantine which is a zombie theme, Jigsaw which is a Saw style theme and Cabin Fever which is a serial killer theme.

We chose Jigsaw and I have to admit I googled hints and tips beforehand because I had no idea what to expect. I couldn’t find any spoilers though and you wont find any here either! I can tell you though that first your group is led into a room and the back story to what you are about to face is revealed and the scene is ultimately set. The waiting room is pretty terrifying and I felt utterly sick to my stomach at what we were about to face. When we were finally led to the room we were handcuffed! and that meant the first section of the challenge was made all the more difficult. The challenge itself was set across three main rooms with a number of doors to unlock as well as other items along the way! Not all the keys you find are useful though!

The low light, horror theme and pressure of a time limit all add to the distraction and out of every horror themed attraction I have ever attended this by far was the best and I can honestly say they have nailed it. The standard movie set/horror maze has been in my opinion done to the death and once you have done one they all pretty much work on the same concept. Trapped up North isn’t your usual scare attraction it plays on your fear in a completely different way and is well worth your time and money. If you have the opportunity to attend this attraction I strongly recommend you do you wont regret it. We enjoyed ourselves so much we are wanting to go back and try another room! How many horror mazes make you say that when you leave? Oh and by the way we made it to the final door and only needed one last code to escape! We were so close yet so far! Which room will you chose and will you escape?

Trapped up North is located in The Great Northern Warehouse in Manchester there is parking nearby plus train stations and metro links. The attraction is running right through to December but don’t delay getting tickets as they are selling out fast! Visit them on Facebook and their website for more information and to book tickets. They also have a horror house style attraction House of the Dead it gets great reviews but I haven’t personally tried it however if it is anything like Trapped up North it will be worth every second!

Picture from House of Dead Facebook page.

Video courtesy of Liliana Amusa

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