Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday What my family and I do

Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday What my family and I do

Shrove Tuesday

Tuesday the 9th of February marked Shrove Tuesday, known to many as Pancake day and it sparked an obsession I have had since a child. When I was younger we never celebrated pancake day at home which is sad because pancakes are one of my absolute favourite foods. The only time I would eat pancakes was when visiting my paternal Grandmother and I have to say she made a good pancake!!
Luckily my husband and son both like a good pancake and although they don’t share my addiction it means we can indulge in a good Shrove Tuesday which makes up for all the ones I missed as a child.


Pancake Toppings

For me I love to be boring traditional which means if we have crepe style pancakes it has to be lemon and sugar and if we have |American pancakes then its always maple syrup! My husband is much more adventurous he likes fresh fruit, yogurt, Nutella or honey. My son he is chocolate crazy so it’s almost always lashings of Nutella but occasionally he just likes them buttered!


Touble is once I have started indulging in my pancake side it becomes all I seem to crave! Since Tuesday i have wanted to eat pancakes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and I am at risk of looking like a pancake!! I go through phases like this where I become almost obsessive over a food and then suddenly as quick as it starts I can’t stand the sight of the food! My husband says I ruin food for him and I think he has a point!

What is your favourite pancake?


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