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There is a real risk of TMI with posts like this so don’t worry I have no desire to discuss my monthly period with you in any depth! If you have already viewed it you will know this weeks video is based around the #TamponTax issue that is still very much in discussion across the nation and has had people up in arms for very different reasons.
There was a very public protest by menstruating women in white trousers outside the houses of parliament this week. If you haven’t seen it here is a link .

I have to admit it was brave and part of me has to respect these women for their courage and determination for what they believe in. Ultimately people are talking about it and that was exactly what they intended. Issues cannot change unless we talk about them after all. It isn’t something I would do or how I would get my point across but their attitude has to be admired on some level.
I have mixed feelings about the whole #TamponTax issue. I have sat back and read different articles supporting different views and then the comments which follow. Ultimately I have no problem with the cost of Tampons they are an expense I have to purchase and I couldn’t even tell you how much they cost because I just lump them in with everything else I need that week. For me its not even about the tax I pay on them all I know is I need them so I buy them.
Some peoples view is that tampons should be provided for free. I look at it like prescriptions I don’t want to pay £8 odd per item each month but I need the medications and they are essential to me so of course I have to pay it (I wont go in to pre-payment certificates because I am trying to make a point.) I have a long term illness that needs a lot of medications each month to maintain but someone who is healthy and has no health complications doesn’t have this expense. People who don’t have periods don’t have to pay for tampons but they are essential for some of those that do so does that mean they should be free and then in the same instance shouldn’t my prescriptions be free also? If tampons are provided for free then what next toilet paper? Nothing is really free though is it? In order to fund these our taxes would only increase in other places or in our national insurance.
I think the thing that really grated on me about the whole #TamponTax debacle is the way in which tampons are classed as ‘luxury’ items. I am lucky enough to be treated to many luxuries in my life UGG boots, make up, perfume even a coffee from Starbucks! However the week each month when I need tampons is in no way luxurious and the luxury certainly isn’t increased by a tampon!!
I am happy to pay tax on them I aren’t even disgruntled by the cost but please, please don’t insult me and women everywhere by classing them as a luxury!

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