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Faver Review – Not Just Another Shopping App

Online Shopping Is The Future

I have written before about my love for online shopping. We live in a digital age and over the past few years the amount of shopping done online has largely increased. Personally I feel it’s a Godsend and I honestly couldn’t be without it. I mean realistically where else can you shop at 11pm in your pj’s with your feet up and a nice cuppa whilst scoffing a family sized bar of dairy milk?!! Also quick side note where else can you load up your trolley with essential items you most desperately need like smokey eye palettes and limited edition lipsticks,  only to realise the total cost is more than your husbands yearly salary (before tax) and just responsibly abandon your cart?

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High Street Shopping vs Online Shopping

Although I could wax lyrical about how blooming great online shopping is, there is one small thing I miss about actual shopping and that’s those items that you just discover, the hidden gems you didn’t know you wanted but have to have. Online shopping is predominantly search driven and usually I go to buy a particular item and I complete my shop having bought that particular item only, which my bank balance is grateful for but it is the main thing I miss about strolling around the shops. So when I discovered the shopping app Faver I was completely sold on the concept.


Faver is a web-app that can be used on both desktop and mobile devices and allows you to browse through different suggested products and favourite what you like. As you do this the app learns more and more about you and then the products that are suggested update so they are more appropriate to your preferences. This is a great way to discover things you may not have come across before but may like based on your previous selections, a lot like how a physical shop would be set up.

faver-profileThat concept alone is a big hit for me but the cherry on the cake has to be that this app is also social and means that if you have friends on Facebook that sign up to the app then you can see what they are favoring and what their suggestions are. This feature means that if you have a gift to buy someone you can get them something they actually like and it takes a huge amount of the guess-work out of it!! I introduced the app to my friend and got her to sign up and begin favoring items so I could gage how well the social feature works and like for myself I could see items she had liked and items that were suggested for her! I can’t tell you how much of a godsend this feature will be when it comes to buying for other people.


The app is extremely user-friendly, clean-looking and within a couple of clicks I was signed in and already beginning to favourite some products and receive appropriate suggestions based on my choices. This app is perfect for people who online shop but miss the discovery element of shopping and to help take the guess-work out of buying for friends and family. 

You can sign up to Faver in a few quick clicks by visiting the website here. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter @Faver_HQ. Let me know if you do and what you think!

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*This is an honest review of the website and mobile app Faver. I was not paid to produce this review and all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. I receive no financial reward for people signing up to the app.


  1. Chanel

    24th December 2016 at 5:44 am

    This seems so cool! Thanks for sharing!

    Chanel | Je M’appelle Chanel

    1. sophiegw

      31st December 2016 at 11:12 am

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by xx

  2. Erin Lane

    26th December 2016 at 9:52 pm

    Love it! I will have to give this a try…so much easier than opening 25 shopping tabs on my computer ?

    1. sophiegw

      31st December 2016 at 11:12 am

      Right?!? My thoughts exactly haha x

  3. Ashley

    27th December 2016 at 5:33 pm

    This sounds like such a useful app! I hadn’t heard of it before, so thanks for sharing this info. Will definitely be checking it out.

    1. sophiegw

      31st December 2016 at 11:11 am

      It’s only just been released but I think it’s really going to change online shopping xx

  4. lifestylequeen

    28th December 2016 at 2:13 pm

    This sounds like an awesome app! I’ll definitely need to look into this 🙂

    1. sophiegw

      31st December 2016 at 11:10 am

      It really is fab xx

  5. sophiegw

    31st December 2016 at 11:11 am

    You are too kind thank you xx

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