Precious Ways To Capture Your Baby’s First Year

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It’s true what they say about having children: the days are long, but the years are short. One moment you were cradling a newborn in your arms and were wary of their every sound and movement, now you’re the parent of a rambunctious and mischievous one-year-old, who is fascinated by the world around them, and whether they’re crawling or toddling about, it’s not easy to keep up with their energy! 

Your baby’s first year is often incredibly challenging – they’ll change beyond recognition within a few short months. They’ll achieve milestones, explore everything they can, and it’ll all go by within a flash. Being able to look back on their first year and relive those lightning-fast moments at your own pace (and when you’ve had a little more sleep) is a wonderful thing. No matter how old they get, having precious memories to look back on is a parent’s privilege.

Here we’ll explore some precious ways to capture your baby’s first year. 

Newborn baby

Canvas prints

I’ll bet you have hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful photographs of your baby, stored in your smart device. From the moment they were placed in your arms to their first smile, bum-shuffle or crawl, having a camera to hand is crucial for capturing those milestones. But, don’t let these images stay locked in your phone forever, why not bring them to life with a range of canvas prints from hello canvas? You’ll be able to choose the size and finish of these high-quality canvases and you can display them throughout your home, documenting your baby’s first year with a selection of stunning photos.

Set up an email account

This one is gaining popularity amongst parents, who aren’t quite sure what to do with all those cute video clips, photos, funny moments and stories that they’ve collected over the past 12 months. Setting up an email account in your baby’s name and then sending emails containing all these treasured memories is a quick and simple way to document their first year. A quick tidbit of a story, a photo, a sound clip, or an extensive email about how they kept you up all night are just some of the ways parents are preserving these precious first months. And when they’re old enough, you can give them the password so they can go through this archive too.

A private YouTube Channel

Showcasing your baby photos is one thing, but what about all those video clips? Some parents have started utilising YouTube to document every step and every recorded baby moment. Setting up your own baby YouTube channel is easy and don’t worry, you can make it private and unsearchable by adjusting the settings.

And finally, memory boxes

It’s an oldie, but a goodie! All you need is a simple shoebox – or something personalised if you prefer – and fill it with all their first things. Scan pictures, their first pair of shoes, socks, the outfit they wore when they were born, hats and booties… What you place in this memory box is up to you. Just keep it in a safe, dry place and you and your family can look through it together in the years to come.  

*Contributed Post

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