About Me


About Me

Hi I’m Sophie, an almost thirty year old, married Mum of one living in the glorious city of Manchester in the UK.

This is my blog Soph-obsessed, which is based around my life including family, being a mum, parenting, losing weight, beauty, makeup, holidays and shopping. I’m pretty much an average Joe! I like to think I’m relatable on some level as life can be really freaking hard sometimes!! If you’re looking for a mum to put a pretty bow on everything, sadly that’s not me! I’m real and raw and well just me really. Anyone who knows anything about me will tell you I watch way too much reality TV, read far too many self-help books and listen to far too much Busted & McFly! I’m obsessed with Lush, glitter and makeup.

Personal Life

I’m married to a wonderful man called Ollie who is my absolute best friend and soul mate. Like all married couples we get on each others nerves sometimes but I really love him with all my heart! We met by complete chance but I always tell him “I knew I loved you even before I met you!” We have both worked hard to get to where we are today and without him I know I’d still be working a job I hate. He inspires and encourages me but more importantly he believes in me. We fell pregnant by complete unplanned miracle back in 2010.




Pregnancy wasn’t the glorious, glowing time I was told it would be and I had horrendous sickness and other health complications along the way. I was terribly depressed and anxious throughout and I had this horrendous fear that I wouldn’t love my baby. We welcomed Henry into the world and all of my fears just disappeared and I fell completely in love with him.

Life hasn’tTrue Friends always been so wonderful though and I’ve had my fair share of low moments. My Olde English Bulldog Roly completely saved my life, gave me purpose to live when there seemed like no reason to for that reason she will always hold a special place in my heart and she is a complete member of our family now.

For Christmas last year Ollie bought me a French Bulldog puppy who we named Stitch read about him here. He completes my life and has injected some extra happiness I didn’t feel possible. He is hard work and runs me completely ragged but he is a ball full of love.

Chronic IllnessFawn french bulldog puppy named Stitch.

Ever since I was eight years old I have suffered with the skin condition Psoriasis. Psoriasis basically means my body produces an increased amount of skin cells which causes red, itchy and flaky patches all over my body. Straight after giving birth I began to suffer with excessive joint swelling and pain and was soon after diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. Psoriatic Arthritis is a form of arthritis that can develop in some people who suffer with Psoriasis. Alongside this I also suffer with Fibromyalgia which is often referred to as chronic pain. There is no cure for any of these conditions although treatment can help. My condition tends to flare up which results in me having good and bad days. Dogs can be better than people fawn french bulldog puppy

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Alongside my blog I also have a YouTube channel which you can find here. I make videos on Sundays & Wednesdays about beauty/makeup, parenting, being a mum, weight loss and more! Head over there and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date!


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