Last Day of Reception Class for Henry

Last day of reception class

It’s the Last Day of Reception

So today is the day. It seems like only yesterday I was writing about how Henry wouldn’t be going to Primary School – yet today he is embarking on his last day of his reception year. I feel very overwhelmed. If I am honest it feels like only yesterday I gave birth and yet when he returns for year one in September he will be a six-year-old.

It honestly terrifies me where the time goes. I feel like every moment is slipping away and time just goes far too fast. Is today really the last day of Henry’s reception year? I’m so used to saying I have a five-year-old. I’m only just used to saying he is in reception. I miss having him at home with me all the time. Ready to head off for an adventure on a whim. We are now restricted by term timetables and laws. I get to have him at home for six whole weeks but is it really his last day of reception already?

Last day of reception class

Feeling all the Feelings

I’m not sure if the first day Henry started reception or his last day is more emotional. I know the years are all tumbling into one. Soon he will be embarking on his last day of Primary School, then High School and onwards to college. I’m not ready. Why do the days go so fast? This can’t be the last day of reception already?

Henry started school in September unable to read or write properly and he is finishing his last day able to read whole books and write pages and pages of legible words that make sense. I have his teachers to thank immensely for that. He was lucky to be placed in a class of dedicated staff that cared for him every step of the way. Those moments when we had tears and those milestones that he reached out of my presence. They have helped him grow and I am very grateful if not a tiny bit jealous.

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Teacher Appreciation

I absolutely believe that teachers have a big impact on children’s lives and they help shape them into the people that they will become. There are some terrible teachers out there but there are also some incredible ones. We got lucky this year and I’m hoping that when Henry reaches year one we will feel the same.

I know it won’t be long before I am writing about Henry’s last day of year one!

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Last day of reception class


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