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Why I Might Not Have Another Child

My Life Plan When you have a child, almost from the minute they are born people ask if you are going to have anymore. When I envisioned my family I always thought of having three children, if not more. Life changes though and with it the visions we have imagined change with it. Things Change […]


Graduation – From Baby to Boy

Graduation Day On the 22nd of July 2016 my almost five year old son had his graduation¬†from preschool. It was a rather bittersweet, overwhelming & emotional day to say the least. As I dropped him off in the morning of his last day reality set in that this would be the last time I looked […]


Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Inspired Make-up

Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad When I first heard that the new film Suicide Squad would be debuting our screens I was extremely excited. When it comes to comic style characters I aren’t exactly fully invested, however I do have a special place for the beautiful Harley Quinn. She is a complete bad ass and […]


Playing A Game I Call: Beat the Bin Man

Tales of a Disorganised Housewife Have You Ever Forgotten Bin Day? On Tuesdays I play a game I call beat the bin man. It’s something I must be subconsciously addicted to playing because despite my personal chastising I still accept the challenge each week. I swear each time that the following Tuesday I will be […]


Anxiety My Story & How I Cope

Anxiety I sit here writing this post with such a feeling hanging over me. I feel worried, stressed and sick to my stomach for no real reason. I am suffering with anxiety. Anxiety is a very common emotion that everyone will feel at some point in their life. It can be triggered by many different […]

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FOUNDATION: A Complete Guide

Foundation Think of Foundation as the complete base of your make up. Like anything make up starts with a foundation and like a house, if the foundation is shoddy then the house will fall down. The foundation is everything. It sets a platform for the rest of the makeup to be built upon. Get this […]