Weight Loss Plan 2024

Weight Loss Plan 2024

Back in June, I started a weight loss journey using calorie counting, which was actually very successful. I lost almost two stone in the end, but an all-inclusive holiday and some health issues threw a spanner in the works. I have spent the best part of the end of the year struggling to gain any continuity, and as a result, I am in desperate need of a reset. My weight loss plan for 2024 is detailed below. I hope it gives you some inspiration and motivation if, like me, you want to hit your weight goals this year.

As always, before undertaking any weight loss or lifestyle change, it is always best to speak to a medical professional who is best suited to give personalised advice on your individual health needs. 

Just to add, I am not affiliated in any way with any weight loss plan. Information shared is from my own experiences, and all details should be checked for the most accurate and up-to-date advice!

Weight Loss Plan 2024

I am a big believer in planning, and I know if I want to be realistic about hitting my weight goals, then I need a weight loss plan to follow.

Step 1: Chose Your Weight Loss Method

I have had great success with Slimming World in the past, but earlier this year, I opted for calorie counting with the assistance of an app to log my food intake. I have never followed a calorie counting plan as I hated the idea of weighing, measuring, and keeping track of figures. I found it super easy in the end, and if that puts you off, please don’t let it! 

I’m choosing calorie counting, at least for the first part of my journey, because I find it easier to fit into my day-to-day life. I can still eat meals out, stay entirely on plan, and even enjoy a McDonald’s once a week as a treat with my kids. I still use lots of the Slimming World principles, but I find calorie counting is best for me at the moment. 

If you want more information on Calorie Counting, I’ve put everything together in one place here.

If you choose Slimming World, I’ve put everything together here.

Having looked at both Slimming World and Calorie Counting, and you don’t feel either is suitable for you, I have some other weight loss options available here.

Step 2: Take Your Measurements

Investing in a good pair of scales is, of course, a priority. Regularly weighing is a great way to stay on track and log your progress. It isn’t all about the weight number, though. Remember to measure the circumference of your waist, thighs and upper arms. These numbers can be reduced whilst the scale can stay sedentary. Looking at these measurements can give you a real boost! 

This is also a really great time to take photos. You don’t need to share them – EVER, but when you look back on the before and after, it will be so satisfying!

Step 3: Work Out Your Why

Why are you wanting to lose weight? What is your driver? Go as deep with this as you feel able. For me, my why is my children. Obesity is the most significant contributor to adverse health conditions. Although not always the course, it certainly doesn’t help the recovery. I also want to run, play and just be in the photo. I have no body confidence, and there are significant gaps in history where I haven’t wanted to be in front of the camera with my boys. 

Yes, I want to feel better and look better, and weight is a huge factor in that, but my boys are my real why. 

When coming up with your weight loss plan, your why is what’s going to keep you on track during those hard days.

Step 4: Set Your Goals

You need to set one big end goal. This is your ideal weight, the number far on the horizon that you eventually want to achieve someday. You need to stay detached from this figure – especially if it seems a long way off. This number is for reference only. If looking that far ahead is triggering, skip this step.

Next, you need to set bite-sized goals. How much do you want to lose a week? I must stress that these goals must be realistic. If you fail at this step, it can hinder your weight loss progress. There is no judgement, and I would usually say I aim high with your goals, but when it comes to weight loss, feel free to aim low. A pound a week is a healthy amount to lose. It can seem pointless to some, BUT those pounds add up over the weeks! 

My Goals: 

Long Term: 67 Pounds To Lose

Weekly Goal: 2 Pounds a Week 

Lockdown Let Go Measuring Tape

Step 5: Create Your Weight Loss Plan Now

For me, doing Calorie Counting means working out what my calorie deficit is and what my Calorie intake goal will be. I have lots of information on what maintenance and calorie deficits mean here. I won’t bore you with that here if you aren’t interested in calorie counting. 

For me, my Calorie Goal is 1,481 calories per day. (You DON’T need to worry about this if you are NOT Calorie Counting)

I also want to include some exercise. Moving your body is really important when on a weight loss journey, but that doesn’t mean hitting the gym for three hours a day – unless, of course, that’s your bag! For me, I am going to incorporate something as simple as walking. 

Daily Exercise: 10,000 – 15,000 Steps a Day

Remaining hydrated is essential in life, and most of us are dehydrated without even realising it! I am going to set a water goal each day, too!

Water Goal: 2 Litres a Day

Finally, meal prepping and planning are the structures of success for me, and I am on my way to filling my cupboards and fridge with some healthy foods to kickstart this weight loss plan!

Step 6: Set Boundaries

Ideally, we would all start our weight loss plan and continue until we hit the target and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, the reality of that is unrealistic. For example, my weight loss went completely off track when I went on holiday! It was all-inclusive. I thought I had willpower, and I failed miserably. As a result, I felt like a failure and then continued to sabotage my weight loss plan when I got home. Setting the boundary that you will give yourself time off plan during holidays and special occasions can prevent you from feeling like you’ve failed. You’ve incorporated it into your plan. 

For me, I am going to allow myself special occasions and holidays to eat without counting and logging. Your boundaries may look a little different, and that is precisely as it should be, but set boundaries that will help you going forward, whatever they may be. 

Step 7: Find An Accountability Buddy

If you are on the Slimming World Plan and attending a group, you may already have a great support network. For me personally, I never enjoyed group, but weight loss can be a lonely journey. I’ve always had super slim friends who haven’t needed to embark on this journey with me, so I have often felt alone. Having a support system makes you more likely to succeed. If you haven’t already, join us in our Facebook Group- Weight Loss Wins & Woes. We are a bunch of people all on the same journey, sharing experiences and helping each other! 

Weight Loss Plan 2024 – Good Luck & Keep Going

When undertaking your weight loss plan, know that things don’t always go according to plan. Many of us have tried and failed several times to lose weight. It isn’t always an easy and straightforward journey. Stay fluid with your expectations and keep striving towards your goals for your why. Good luck, you can smash this! 

If you want further support and company on your weight loss journey, join my free Facebook Group here. Oh, and if you have found this website and articles useful and you’d like to know how you can say thank you, then I am always appreciative of receiving a virtual coffee here. 

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Love as always!

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