3 Mental Health Conditons You Need To Address

3 Mental Health Conditons You Need To Address
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Improving your mental health comes in many different forms, and despite there being a massive surge in advocacy for people getting help with their mental health, some people are still flying under the radar and struggling with this.


While having mental health concerns doesn’t automatically mean you are depressed, far from it, it does mean you are carrying a mental load that is impacting your life, be it increased anxiety, low self-confidence or negative thinking towards yourself and others. Being able to step back and give yourself some love, time, and attention can help you to improve your mindset and assist you on a journey to getting help to support yourself.


This post looks at some of the mental health conditions that can impact your mental and physical health and how you can change them.


Social Anxiety Disorder

This is a fairly self-explanatory one and is something a vast section of the population struggles with. An inability to socialise, relax around others or experience high-stress levels in social situations can make people withdrawn and isolated as they avoid social gatherings. This can impact people on different levels. For example, some people hide it well and engage with others while burying the stress they are feeling, while some will attend social functions but not talk to others and hide out in the shadows, and others will avoid at all costs. Talking to a therapist who is an expert in social anxiety can help you pinpoint your cause of anxiety and work with you to overcome this or put measures in place to reduce its impact on you.


Low Self Confidence

If you don’t like how you look or are as a person, then you need to figure out why you feel this way or what makes you feel this way. Do you have a childhood or even adult trauma that causes you to feel this way? Bullying, toxic parenting, or social class when growing up can affect your perception of yourself, as can visible “flaws” you have or features that stand out. Your options can include talking therapy to help you overcome self-doubt and low confidence and discuss any trauma you experienced, or you can opt for more physical changes such as cosmetic dentistry to fix any oral issues bothering you, cosmetic surgery and so on to make changes you feel you need.


Stress Disorders

Stress Disorders are disorders that are triggered by highly stressful situations and often have deep-rooted links to an experience back in childhood or are induced by physical, mental or emotional health. It might be that you develop symptoms of a stress disorder after a traumatic breakup or after an accident or illness that impacts you severely, or you might have PTSD due to life experiences you have lived through. Any period of high stress can trigger the disorder, so being able to find coping mechanisms or address the cause of the issue can be highly beneficial here to help you live your life and not have it impacted by stress regardless of your type of stressor.


Living with mental health issues isn’t fun or easy, and it will likely affect your quality of life. Getting help or treatment can help you understand why you feel this way, unlock new patterns and behaviours, and assist you in moving forward in a healthy way.

*Contributed Post

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