5 Things to Do to Get Your Home Ready for a Baby

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Bringing a baby into the world should be one of the most joyful and rich experiences that you will ever encounter in life. No matter whether your due date is approaching or you have plenty of time before the little one arrives, getting your home in order before the big day is incredibly important.

As a soon to be parent, it’s only natural that you will want your home to be safe, warm, and comfortable for your baby. With that in mind, here are five things to do to get your home ready for a baby.

Look for Hazards

Keeping your baby safe and out of danger will naturally be your main concern. Therefore, it’s important to conduct a safety exam around your home where you will be able to identify any hazards that could be dangerous to your little one. Babies like to explore and crawl about, so there are various things that you can do to keep your baby out of harm’s way. For example, if you have low kitchen cabinets that are filled with toxic chemicals, it’s important that you place such items in areas that your baby can’t reach. Babies and toddlers aren’t aware of danger, so it’s up to you to spot any hazards in their tracks, helping to keep your little one safe.

Newborn baby


Your baby is going to need somewhere to sleep, so a bit of decorating and DIY can make all the difference and ensure they have a place to sleep that’s cosy and comfortable. If you have a room that’s dedicated for your newborn, there are various things that you need to consider first. If you know the gender of your baby, this can make it a little bit easier in terms of picking a colour scheme. However, if you are waiting until their arrival, it’s best to stick to neutral colours such as grey or beige. There are several decorating ideas and tips that can help you when it comes to designing the perfect nursery, such as ensuring everything you need is within easy reach (especially when it comes to changing your baby!), as well as avoiding clutter. Creating a nursery for your baby can be incredibly exciting, so make sure to put your creative mind to good use!

Target the Red Zones

Keeping your home free of as many germs as you can is another important factor to consider before bringing your baby home. What you may find surprising is that the germiest areas aren’t doorknobs and light switches. In fact, tons of germs can be found on countertops, cutting boards, kitchen sinks, and toothbrush holders (to name just a few!). To ensure your home is clean and ready for your little one, make sure to give everything the once over, however, if you’re about to give birth, it may be best to enlist the help of others!

Create Space

If your home is full of clutter, this can be dangerous for the baby. Getting rid of any junk and creating space can not only reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do but also ensure that your baby can roam around your home without knocking into something or falling over. Removing any unnecessary items from your abode can help you feel more relaxed too. Decluttering can bring you tons of benefits and help ensure your home is prepared for your new arrival.

Get Covered

There are various things that can go wrong in the home that you simply cannot avoid. Whether it be problems with your plumbing such as a blocked drain, or your boiler starting to play up, it’s important that you have cover in place to ensure the problem is sorted quickly. While you may have been able to cope in the past with the odd issue here and there, your baby needs to be in a home that’s warm, comfortable, and safe. Therefore, purchasing home emergency cover can add an extra layer of protection, and ensure you get the help you need within an instant. Companies like Certi can cover you against any emergencies. There are various value level plans that you can select which can cover you for things such as electrics, central heating, and boiler breakdown. Certi has a claims line which is open 24 hours a day, should you need to get in touch.

Getting your home prepared in advance can take the weight off your shoulders and help you feel more relaxed before your due date. Make sure to go around your home to look for any hazards, keep your windows open as much as possible to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the home, as well as getting cover should a home emergency occur.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, why not ask your partner, family, and friends to help? Getting support and advice from your nearest and dearest can be incredibly rewarding, helping to make your home safe, and ready for your impending newborn.


*Contributed Post

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