7 Things You Need to do to Get Your House Ready for Winter

7 Things You Need to do to Get Your House Ready for Winter

Now that it’s starting to get colder, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to prepare your home for winter. With snow, rain and wind predicted to worsen over the next few months there are lots of different things you should be doing to ensure your house is kept safe for the whole family.

From keeping your house warm to clearing out unwanted items, here are seven things you need to do to get your house ready for winter:

  1. Carry out a deep clean, both inside and out

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning but it doesn’t have to be confined to just one season. Carrying out a deep clean throughout your entire house and garden is a great way to get organised for the colder months. Not only will it will allow you to see what issues there are that need to be fixed, but your house will feel brand new.

  1. Clear out your gutters

Having a good clear out of your gutters will help avoid any foliage and dirt blocking your pipes, helping you avoid the risk of them freezing over as it gets colder.

  1. Keep your house warm to avoid it getting damp

Keeping your heating on during the colder months is not only safe for your own health, but it prevents your house from developing any damp spots and decreases the risk of an antibacterial infection spreading. This doesn’t mean you need to continually have your heating on, as switching it on at regular intervals throughout the day will keep your house warm and help you to cut heating costs.

  1. Ensure your boiler is serviced for the duration of winter

Boiler issues are never ideal, especially when you’re left without heating and hot water. To avoid this happening during winter make sure your boiler is serviced and in good working condition.

  1. Make sure your drains and plumbing are in good condition

Clearing your drains and ensuring your plumbing is in good condition is probably the last thing on your to-do list, but it’s an essential task now that it’s getting colder. Debris such as leaves and mud can block drains and if it becomes too much, it can cause leaks and floods. For help with drain unblocking and repair in an emergency, you can visit the Drain Boss website.

Frozen pipes are incredibly common during the colder months, so to avoid being left without a water supply, apply lagging to any pipes and water tanks in exposed areas. This includes lofts, garages and utility rooms.

  1. Repair damaged roof tiles and chimneys

Before it starts to get colder make sure to check your roof for any cracked, missing or loose tiles and replace them. If your roof has even the slightest bit of damage, strong winds and the weight of snow can cause serious damage.

  1. Declutter the things you don’t need

Having a good clear out of everything you don’t need during the colder months is a great way to make your house feel a lot less cluttered, as well as ensuring your house is clean and safe!

How do you look after your house in winter?

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