Improve Tidiness For Better Sleep Quality

Improve Tidiness For Better Sleep Quality
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A bedroom should be a cozy and comfortable place. A place of calm and quiet, and therefore, organizing the room for a good night’s sleep begins with choosing a suitable bed. It should be comfortable, preferably close to the wall and preferably not with its legs facing the door. In addition, it is not advisable to buy a used mattress – buying new is always preferable. Rooms can often become cluttered, therefore it is vital to complete the task of tidying up with a clearout first and foremost. Any items that you want but have no room to house, must be dealt with first. Perhaps you could look at placing it in storage; and therefore you can click here to learn more. 

Good airflow and good energy!

Good airflow into the room is a necessary element in feng shui. If there is not enough air or a good flow of air in the space you sleep in, it will have a direct effect on the quality of sleep. It’s important to ventilate the room throughout the day and let in fresh air full of energy. It is also important to close closet doors before going to bed, and maintain general order. Disorder tends to affect our sleep. For cleaner air, humidifiers can greatly assist. They can reduce dust in the air and keep the air flow at a maximum. 

Shades and tones 

In terms of paints, a balanced bedroom with neutral and pleasant colours that will not be distracting during sleep and will offer you calm before you rest. Calm colours, combined with wood or pastel tones, can be the best. Pastel blues, dusky pinks, sage greens, beige. They are all incredibly beneficial for your relaxation and the general look and feel of the room. You can opt for clean white of course, but breaking up the monotony of that is great if you choose a feature wall with leaf print paper or a geometric pattern – whatever inspires you the most! Then you can easily play around with your lighting to highlight what you love the most.  The lighting should be varied – adjustable lighting that is used for different needs and can be dimmed. Light has a direct effect on our mood and alertness and exposure to strong light can cause a delay in sleeping hours and you should take this into account and avoid creating too much lighting. Lamps are good for the evening and during the day, allow as much light in as possible for added inspiration. 

For a final touch, you will need a bed that looks good, a quality mattress, beautiful bedding, decorative pillows and textiles will make the sleeping experience pleasant. Using fabric adds warmth and highlights the style, and can bounce the room and upgrade the design. Each of us should take the design of the bedroom in their own direction according to their character and personality. The basic principles of Feng Shui have been around for centuries and can greatly affect the way you sleep. Is it time for a refresh?

*Contributed Post

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