Garden Project – About Time I Got Started


Lately I have been thinking a lot about our garden and I think it’s about time I gave it some TLC and took on a garden project.

Our House in the Middle of Our Street

I met my husband Ollie down in the South of England where he is from. We located to Manchester over six years ago as a career move. It was here that we purchased our first house.

We started out with nothing. We built up our furniture and belongings over time. Our house now looks a lot like a home with our own personal stamp on it.One part of our home we haven’t tackled yet is the garden.

Garden Project

Starting a Garden Project

We have a lovely sized garden – which considering the other houses on our street, makes us very lucky. I had great intentions when we moved in. I wanted to put in pretty borders with beautiful flowers and sit out in the evening and just enjoy the space. A garden can be an extra room in your house during Summer but ours is just neglected. It’s never had any time, money or effort spent on it. On the odd Summer day we do have it’s a complete sun trap and would make a lovely place to spend the evening.

Garden Project

I have decided that this year I am taking on what I call ‘The Garden Project’ where I am going to transform our overgrown, neglected dump into a beautiful space to enjoy.

Keeping You Updated

As I take on this challenge I will be posting regular updates to show you how I’m getting along and hopefully inspire you to transform your own gardens. I have no gardening experience and I’m not all that handy so this is a ‘real’ persons gardening project – be warned!

Garden Project

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Love as always!

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