Our Time As Konfidence Baby Swimologists (AD)

Our Time As Konfidence Baby Swimologists (AD)

*Part of an unpaid partnership with Konfidence. Links marked with "*" are affiliate links.

Earlier on this year, I announced that we were going to be Konfidence Baby Swimologists, and since then our lives have changed. It may sound a bit dramatic, but I’ve always considered swimming an important skill yet one our first son Henry has never learnt. I wanted things to be different for Hugo and being involved with Konfidence has really made that possible.

Konfidence 2019 Baby Swimologists

Hugo & His Swimming

Thanks to our partnership with Konfidence Hugo began swimming sessions at our local pool. He took to the water immediately showing no fear but fully absorbing himself into each class. He made new friends, fully submerged underwater and began building the valuable skills needed to pursue swimming later in life.

After our sessions, courtesy of Konfidence ended we still continued the classes each week. Hugo really enjoys taking part and continuing the classes will make swimming much easier as he gets older. The difference between both boys in the water is evident, and Hugo has much more confidence than Henry ever did at his age.

Henry & His Swimming

As I’ve mentioned before, for one reason or another, Henry never had swimming lessons as he was growing up. This resulted in him having far less confidence in the water than I would like. It also means that he doesn’t have that life-saving skill of knowing how to swim. Since Hugo began his classes, I enquired about Henry joining too. Luckily, they do classes for all ages, and they put him on the waiting list. A few months ago, he had a trial session to see how he found it. Although Henry entered the water a little apprehensive by the end of the session, he was so excited. We signed him up as soon as a space became available and he has been swimming every week since. The difference in his confidence and ability is tenfold, and I am so proud of him. My only regret is not pursuing it sooner.

Summer Adventures

Over the summer both boys spent a significant amount of time in the water on holiday and on days out at home. Getting them to the pool as much as possible in between their swimming has really helped them develop their skills and encourage their confidence. Having two children that adore the water means that we can have more family adventures and not have to worry about one parent sitting at the side of the pool. Henry now has the confidence to go down the waterslides on his own, and if I am honest it won’t be long before Hugo is following suit!

The Future

I honestly think that moving forward, I will have a hard time keeping my boys out of the water, which is something I never thought I would say! We have absolutely loved being part of the Konfidence Baby Swimologist team, and I can’t thank them enough for giving my family this opportunity. Swimming really is an essential skill for children to learn, and the younger they start, the easier it is for them, but I have learnt it is never too late!

If you want to have some swimming adventures with your little ones you can get 10% off the Konfidence website if you *click this link and enter this code at check out: Swimbass0E9

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*Part of an unpaid partnership with Konfidence. Links marked with "*" are affiliate links.

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