HP Sprocket Bundle – The Perfect Gift

HP Sprocket Bundle

My niece is sixteen and she has been complaining about never having any physical photographs. We live in this digital age where taking photographs is more available and easier than ever but how many of us have actual physical images anymore? I suggested that my niece get something like a polaroid camera so she could have the physical image immediately. She liked the idea but she was right when she said the majority of her pictures are taken on her phone and although a camera would be nice the novelty would likely wear off. So, when I heard about the HP Sprocket Bundle I knew it would be perfect for her!

HP Sprocket Bundle

HP Sprocket Bundle

The HP Sprocket is a photo printer that prints images via Bluetooth from your phone or tablet. There is no need for ink cartridges and you can print card sized photographs that can also be used as stickers in seconds! You can purchase the photo printer as a stand-alone unit or as part of the HP Sprocket Bundle which I must say is fabulous value for money and the perfect gift for anyone!

The HP Sprocket Bundle comes with a stylish pouch for your printer, a handy album that fits the printed images perfectly, a white HP Sprocket Printer, 10 Zink Smart Sheets – to print your images on and a free voucher to create a customisable skin for your HP Sprocket!

HP Sprocket Bundle

It’s so easy to print images direct from your camera roll or social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram. You can edit your picture by adding text, borders and emoji’s! The HP Sprocket is portable and with the handy pouch that comes in the bundle it means traveling and using your printer on the go is easy! You don’t need to be ‘tech’ savvy once you download the HP Sprocket App to your phone it takes you through the rest step by step. Printing an image is simple with just a simple push of a button you have your printed image in seconds!

Pairing your phone to the device is simple via Bluetooth and you can pair more than one device at a time so friends can all pair up and share their photographs together!

HP Sprocket Bundle

What Did I Think?

The printer is well made, easy to use and portable making it the perfect companion to take out and about. If you are planning on giving this a gift then I’d go for the bundle every time because its excellent value for money and contains everything you need to get started! I love the idea of being able to print images immediately without the need for specialist cameras or big bulky equipment.

As the unit doesn’t require ink the only thing you do need is the Zink Smart Sheets which are readily available (and often on offer on Amazon) and easy to replace. It means you never have to worry about low ink levels, leaking cartridges or messy processes. It’s so simple and easy to use.


The Perfect Gift

If you are looking for a gift for a teen this Christmas the HP Sprocket Bundle contains everything they need to get started and is bound to keep them entertained for hours! You can find out more about the HP Sprocket from the HP website here. Currently the HP Sprocket Bundle is on Amazon for £119.99.

HP Sprocket Bundle

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