Yuva Medi-Spa – Alderley Edge – Launch

Yuva Medi-Spa

I recently was privileged enough to attend the Yuva Medi-Spa launch in Alderley Edge where we met Dr Raj Acquilla and his team.

Aesthetic Treatments

Years ago, if you had asked me about getting any kind of cosmetic treatment – even the less intrusive kind that Dr Raj Acquilla specialises in I would have said “No Way.” In honesty, my view was largely based on the celebrities you see over in LA which have had their lips blown up out of shape. I think that there is so many aesthetic clinics around nowadays and often the people that go down that route seem to do ‘too much.’

However, as I have grown older there are aspects of my face that I am not content with anymore. I wasn’t blessed in the way some women are and some non-intrusive treatments here and there could really lift my confidence. But then there is that fear of too much again. I would love some enhancements but I wouldn’t want things to go too far and look ‘fake’ or disproportionate.

Live Demonstrations

When I met Dr Raj Acquilla and his team he was very reassuring and provided a live demonstration on one half of a patients face. The lady in question was visually beautiful and at first glance you wouldn’t believe she needed any work at all! She felt unhappy with certain features and aspects of her face though and wanted some fillers and Botox. Dr Raj Acquilla took what she wanted and gave her exactly what she needed. He explained that she was going to be the most critical of her own face and although there were things he could absolutely do to help improve the look she wanted it was by no means as huge has she had made out in her own mind.

Yuva Medi-Spa

It was incredible to see him take one side of the face on a complete transformation and showed exactly how subtle yet effective this procedure could be. The client was happy but she didn’t walk out of the clinic looking fake or like she had gone too far.

Dr Raj Acquilla explained that aesthetic treatments were largely based on angles and the key to ‘not over doing it’ was sticking rigidly to those angles. Despite the fact he was talking about very technical procedures what he said made absolute sense.

We were also lucky enough to have a demonstration of Botox by Nurse Emma Chan and a skin treatment by Dr Liesel Holler. Out of all the treatments performed on live clients not one expressed any pain or discomfort and everything seemed practically pain free.

Yuva Medi-Spa

Dr Raj Acquilla

Dr Raj Acquilla is one of the most respected Aesthetic Doctors in his field and his knowledge is evident. He puts his clients at ease and produces amazing results. He is heavily focused on the safety aspect of his treatments and for that reason he only uses the best, most trusted products. Dr Raj Aquilla now has his own training academy where he is able to teach masterclasses in the most innovative rejuvenation techniques. He is very passionate about what he does and you know that you would be in safe hands at his clinic.

Yuva Medi-Spa

Yuva Medi-Spa itself is visually stunning. There is no public waiting room and every treatment room has its own personal waiting area. It’s clear that Dr Raj Acquilla understands that aesthetic treatments are personal and sometimes private and people don’t want to be sat together whilst waiting and by providing everyone their own unique space he achieves this perfectly.

I was very impressed with Yuva Medi-Spa and Dr Raj Aquilla and his whole team. It’s clear that the emphasis is on the client, their safety and wellbeing before any monetary aspect comes in to play. I found this refreshing and reassuring.

For more information about Yuva Medi-Spa, Dr Raj Aquilla and any of his team head over to their website here.

Would you ever consider any aesthetic treatments? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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I was invited along to the Yuva Medi-Spa launch however all words, opinions and views are honest and my own. For more information on any of this please visit this page. Images were kindly provided with permission from Yuva Medi-Spa.


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