Zippo Hand Warmer Full Review

Zippo Hand Warmer

Everyone Knows About Zippo

Zippo is an iconic brand known in almost every household! I grew up in a family of smokers who all at some stage owned a Zippo lighter. We don’t smoke in our household so owning a zippo lighter seems like overkill to light the odd scented candle but when I found out that a Zippo Hand Warmer was a thing I was sooooo intrigued and excited to give it a try!

Living in Manchester

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will already know that I live in Manchester, England. For those of you that don’t know what Manchester is like in terms of weather I can sum it up for you in one word: RAINY. It rains A LOT! It’s windy A LOT! Oh and it’s cold A LOT!!!

I spend a huge portion of my time being a devoted Wife and Mother and supporting the hobbies of my husband and son. I wish their hobbies were reading or chess but they are typical boys who love to be outside in the dirt and cold! So that means that as their cheerleader I am outside in the dirt and cold!

My world completely changed though with the discovery of the Zippo hand warmer.

Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo Hand Warmer

The Zippo hand warmer is a fabulous pocket sized accessory that can be taken camping, hiking, dog walking etc etc It is absolutely perfect for me as a Mum on the sidelines of my sons football or supporting my husband when he does a cycle for charity. I take it with me when I’m on the school run or out with the dog and the great thing is that it’s easy to use and very portable.

What Did I Think?

The Zippo hand warner is visually pleasing to look at. It doesn’t feel nor look cheap and is easy to refill and reuse with a cute filler cup included. It is easy to slip the hand warmer into a pocket and comes with a warming bag as standard.

Personally I was nervous about filling and using the Zippo hand warmer. I’ve never had to refill a lighter so I felt completely out of my comfort zone but I really needn’t have worried because it is extremely easy to fill and use even for a complete beginner like me!!! Heat wise the Zippo hand warmer began to heat up quickly providing a gentle, safe but effective heat that still gave off heat for hours.

The Zippo hand warmer comes in two sizes the one I have providing twelve hours of heat and the smaller size providing six hours.

Both are stylish and refillable making them an investment you can reuse for years.

Zippo Hand Warmer

The smaller size retails at around: £20.75 & the larger retails at around: £22.90. The price is fair but it doesn’t include the fuel that is needed. I think that would be my only quibble as it would be nice if a small size of the fuel was included so the hand warmer could be tried out immediately.

That being said it is easy enough to get hold of the fuel to power the Zippo hand warmer so it wouldn’t put me off purchasing.

With Father’s Day coming up the Zippo hand warmer would make a great gift as it comes in different colours to suit anyone!

Zippo Hand Warmer

More About the Zippo Hand Warmer

For more information on the Zippo hand warmer and for stockist information please head over to their website here.

You can also purchase from Amazon here.

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