4 careers for extroverts and people lovers

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If you’re the person in the friend group that’s more rambunctious and outgoing than the rest, then we have a list just for you. 

We know that not all extroverts are explosive or demanding, and a lot of us just want to help our friends feel the same way that we do! Although this personality trait might be a little hard to find, it’s a great one to have and there are a whole tonne of careers that are a perfect fit for you. 

Take a look below at our careers for extroverts and people-lovers below. 

A Quick Note About ‘People’ People 

Just to make absolutely sure you’re a people person, we have a few little tidbits for you below to have a look at. If you match or agree with any of these, we’re certain that you’ll fall in love with the careers on our list — even if you don’t think so!

You Thrive in Social Situations

If you’re someone who loves to go out and feels their most free and happy when around a tonne of people, then you’re an extrovert. Getting to know new people is a thrill and simply being out and about with friends, family or even strangers is a boon. 

Being in a Big Group Feels Like Home

If you’ve ever been in a large crowd, or simply out and about shopping and loved the rush of energy and the feel of being in a crowded space with lots of people, you might also be a people person. The same goes for large social groups, if a party of 50 feels more fun than a party of 5 then you’re likely an extrovert. 

Teamwork is Better Than Lone-work

A rather obvious one, you much prefer to work with friends or coworkers in a project setting. If bouncing ideas off of people is a thrill and you love it, then our career tips below might certainly be for you. 

Here Are the Careers For You

With those points out of the way, let’s have a look below at the careers that will be the best for you as an extrovert!

  1. Retail Manager

To kick things off, you may want to consider working in retail, as a retail manager. 

These managers work with customers in mind and to develop ways to get them to purchase products and services in stores. To add to this, these retail managers are also the ‘head man’ when it comes to training staff and getting everyone on board with a plan to achieve the highest sales possible. 

You’ll need to love working as a team and also thrive with a lot of responsibility here as you will need to meet sales targets. 

A lot of these careers are weekly waged-based, though over $1,000 a week is the median income. You won’t likely need a bachelor’s degree either, just a Certificate Degree.  

  1. Social Worker or Counsellor

Another excellent career for the people persons out there is counselling. 

As a counsellor or social worker, you’ll be expected to have great social skills but also adore working with people to improve their lives. Of course, a good emotional IQ is required too, though if you’re an extrovert this will generally come naturally. 

If you’re someone who enjoys communication, relationship building and looking out for others to improve their day-to-day, then this is the career path for you. 

There are some specific educational requirements here, and you’ll need either a Certificate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree to move forward into counselling, though the study is definitely worth the reward. 

  1. Event Planning 

To a career that might be the ultimate dream career for the extrovert, event planning is an amazing career for those who would love to attend events, but also make them a reality too!

You’ll be expected to work with a tonne of people as an event planner, which includes everyone from talented artists, caterers, furniture suppliers and, of course, your clients too. 

There aren’t any specific educational requirements here, though if you have studied prior to becoming an event planner, you’ll be seen in a better light. 

  1. Human Resources

As the name suggests, working in Human Resources will mean you’re going to be alongside a whole lot of team members and staff in your day to day. 

You’ll need to have a good sense of understanding for people’s issues in the workplace, but also know how to successfully judge and compare job applicants and more. Simply speaking, you will be in charge of the entire workforce, and that includes dealing with everything from empowerment to success in projects. 

To land a career in human resources, you should do your best to gain a degree at either a Bachelor level, or a Certificate level. 

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