Adding To Your Home Without The Need For Planning Permission

Adding To Your Home Without The Need For Planning Permission
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Getting planning permission can be extremely frustrating when you want to make progress on your home. Many countries have different procedures in place for this sort of legal issue, but it will usually take several months to get an answer about the work you want to perform on the home you choose. Of course, though, there is always a range of different construction options that won’t require this sort of permission. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of these different construction projects that usually won’t require permission, though you also need to research the rules in your particular area.


As an independent structure that doesn’t exceed size limits, sheds can often be built without the need for any planning permission whatsoever. This means that you can put together a shed in your garden without having to ask the government if they will allow it, enabling you to do more than ever before with your outdoor space. Sheds don’t have to be boring structures, and you can make this sort of building feel very much like a new part of your home. Of course, though, this will change when you start to look at building sheds from stone and other permanent materials.


Having somewhere to store your car can be essential in the modern world, though most governments will require that you seek permission before you add a garage to your home. This isn’t the case with carports, though, as this type of structure isn’t considered to be an actual building. You will need to do some research to find the right carport for you, working hard to get your hands on something that will have enough space for your vehicles without becoming something that will require permission. Of course, though, the company that builds your carport should be able to help you with this process.

Small Extensions

While many people assume that they will need permission to build an extension on their home, this often isn’t the case. As long as you build your extension within the guidelines set out by your government, you can usually avoid the need for planning permission. This is what has made conservatories so popular in the modern world, with many people finding that they can build a structure like this without having to ask for permission, first. This doesn’t just apply to this type of extension, though, as you can also build other extensions without having to get permission if you choose the right approach.

Should you wish to build on your property’s current foundations, then you might want to consider seeking advice from underpinning specialists. They can help you decide whether or not the foundations of your home are safe and strong enough to build on. If not, you can undergo some work (pre-extension) to strengthen the roots of your home. This will require no extra planning permission.

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