When & How Often Should You Weigh Yourself

When & How Often Should You Weigh Yourself

If you are on a weight loss journey, you will at some point have wondered when and how often you should weigh yourself. With lots of conflicting information out there, it can be pretty overwhelming, but I’ve tried to narrow it down for you below.

Weighing Yourself

For most people on a weight loss journey weighing on scales is an essential measure of progress. It enables you to see how effective your weight loss plan is and whether or not you are moving closer to your goal. However, it can be challenging to know when to weigh yourself or how often, and it’s a question I have considered myself.

First Things First

Before you even consider the time of day to weigh or frequency, you want to make sure that you have invested in a good quality set of scales. Make sure that you set your scales up correctly, and they are on a hard and level surface. Ideally, you want to weigh consistently on the same set of scales. It’s no good weighing on one set one day and another a different day because the recording won’t be accurate. Some scales can weigh you 2-3lbs differently, which will only skew your over figures and cause disappointment in the long run.

Lockdown Let Go Measuring Tape

Consistency Really is Key

Not only do you want to be using the same set of scales, but you also want to keep other factors the same too. Clothes, for example, can weigh more or less depending on the outfit. Weighing naked is sometimes the best option if this is available to you. If not, then try and be mindful of wearing similar clothes each time. It’s no good wearing heavy jeans and sweatshirts one week and a floaty summer dress the next.

In regards to the time of day, there is so much contradictory advice out there surrounding this. Some say you should weigh first thing in the morning as that is when you are the lightest, whereas others say you should weigh the last thing at night before bed. My honest opinion is that it doesn’t matter, but for accuracy, you should pick a time and continue at that time every weigh-in.=

It doesn’t matter what part of the day you are lightest if you always weigh at the same time; the losses will still be reflected in the result.

How Often Is Too Often

Personally, I have weighed every day, and I have weighed weekly, and I find weekly better. Daily weigh-ins fluctuate so much that it can be misleading and demoralising. You really need to be taking an average of your daily results, which is why it is much easier to weigh weekly at the same time.

If daily suits you better, just remember that fluctuation between readings is normal, and don’t let this deter you from your goal.

Don’t Obsess

This goes for how often you weigh but also on the results in general. Try not to become fixated on the results and numbers. You want to use this as a guide to your progress and nothing more. It’s not all about the number on the scales, and if your clothes feel looser, then this can be a much more accurate representation than a figure on a set of scales.

There is never a one size fits all in weight loss. Do what works for you, but if it isn’t making you happy, stop torturing yourself. If you want to weigh weekly, monthly or yearly – you do you!

Remember many factors impact the reading on weighing scales, from water retention and bloating to period cycles and the time of the month.

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