Week Five Weigh-In 2020

Week Five Weigh-In 2020

I need to start this blog post by saying this update is really, really late and I apologise profusely. I know that a few of you have messaged asking if I’m still currently on plan – which I am, but over the last few weeks a few different things have been going on which has caused me to fall behind a bit!! My laptop needed to go in to have its keyboard repaired, which set me back! Then I wanted to put out a post about why I had started going to Slimming World group again so that it wasn’t confusing and time wasn’t really on my side. In the middle of all that I also went on holiday, so it’s been a bit mismatch, but I am hoping regular scheduling has resumed!!

Going Back to Group

I’ve written in full detail about re-joining Slimming World group and why I have chosen to do that at this stage. Essentially this is a positive step for me. After a few bad experiences at previous groups, I seem to have found one I really like. It’s early days, but I do feel supported, and it’s nice to have a community to lean on a bit. I say it all the time but this weight loss journey can be lonely and loneliness is a trigger for my lousy eating so squashing the chance of that really helps me in the long run.

How have I got along?

Going along to group was a real definite kick up the bum I needed. I was in that danger zone of falling off the wagon after some success and just being in that cycle of committing for four weeks then falling off again. I felt motivated and inspired, which helped me meal plan and focus. I have been looking at what my trigger foods are, and at the moment they revolve heavily around chocolate and sugar. I have been replacing these cravings with an Options Mint Hot Chocolate which is only 1.5 syns!

I also did a big online Iceland shop. I stocked up on some Slimming World meals which have come in handy for those evenings where I am pushed for time like after taking Henry to swimming. Having something easy to reach for is preventing me from binge eating or picking the wrong foods entirely.

This week I lost 3.5lbs. This was my first group weigh-in, but in total, since starting this journey, it means I have lost 16.5lbs. After a week of maintaining, this is a really exciting achievement.

As I am going on holiday, I am having a week off weighing at Slimming World so I will also not weigh at home and post either just to keep everything on track and the same. If I am honest, I plan to enjoy my holiday, and as much as I would like to say I will stick to plan, I know that I will struggle. My aim is to make the best choices I can but also enjoy myself – it’s about balance after all. Hopefully, when I get home, I haven’t gained it all again, but I will cross that bridge when we get there!!

Since this weigh-in, I have had a subsequent weigh-in which I will update and post shortly.

How is your Slimming World journey going? Let me know in the comments below!!

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