Week Four Weigh-In

Week Four Weigh-In

This week’s weigh-in post is later, and you probably assumed I was drowning in a vat of chocolate or was laid in some kind of Malteaser coma, but alas I just had laptop issues! No, I haven’t fallen off the Slimming World wagon it was simply technical issues which are now resolved!!

The Week in Review

Joking aside this week has been a tough one. I have been struggling with my physical health, and my Psoriatic Arthritis has flared. At first, I thought it was just from pushing myself a bit hard in a workout, but then a few joints swelled up, and I knew it was more. I’m limited to what pain relief I can take so managing things is challenging and steroids, although they are relatively low-risk addiction wise they cause water retention and increased appetite which isn’t always helpful when trying to lose weight! I found this all entirely frustrating feeling as though my body is failing me a little and I think this was a substantial contributing factor to the panic attack that ensued later in the week.

I’ve spoken openly about my battle with both anxiety and depression in the past, and these both have a direct impact on how I feel about weight loss too. I felt like up until this point, things were going really positively; I had set my goals, and I was actively taking steps to smash them. My body flaring up has set me back, which was a massive blow for me, and it feels unfair that at 31, I am struggling with basic mobility!!

The Comeback Rate

These factors have all played a part in my “food optimising” this week, and I will be entirely honest in saying I haven’t fully stuck to plan. It felt a little like I was throwing the towel in, but I have managed to pull things back and get back on plan. That’s the most important thing with this journey. It’s all about the comeback rate.

It’s important to remember that Slimming World is not a “diet” but a lifestyle change. It’s about nothing being off-limits but altering the choices we make and our relationship with food. Throughout this journey, there will be moments where we all waver somewhat. Still, it’s about not allowing this to spiral and pulling it straight back. I could have easily allowed a lousy couple of days to get the better of me and fall back into old habits. Still, every minute is a new opportunity to start again and make the right choice, and I think that should be the primary focus, not the faults.

Despite having a wobbly few days, I have (by some miracle) managed to maintain this week, and because I have pulled myself back on plan, I am confident next week will be much better.

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How did you do this week?

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