What Is The Dr Now Diet Plan, Does It Work & Is It Safe?

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Since beginning my weight loss journey, I have met a whole group of people who have experienced the same difficulties that I have with weight management. I have come to learn that this isn’t an isolated problem but one that many people face. For many, finding a diet that truly works can feel like an impossible task. So, it’s no surprise that there are many different weight loss programmes on the market, many of which I have written about in this blog. Today, I want to bring your attention to The Dr Now Diet Plan. In this post, I’m going to explore what it is, why it’s gaining popularity and whether or not it works!

As always, before undertaking any kind of weight loss or lifestyle change, it is always best to speak to a medical professional who is best suited to give personalised advice on your individual health needs and health issues. I am not affiliated with The Dr Now Diet Plan, and although care is taken to ensure the accuracy of this post at the time of writing, information does change on a regular basis. This is just an overview of the plan – for details of the full Dr Now Diet Plan and the most up-to-date information, go directly to their website. 

The Dr Now Diet Plan – How Did It Come About?

It all starts with Dr Younan Nowzaradan, or Dr Now, a name synonymous with the life-changing transformations on the popular American reality TV programme My 600-lb Life. As a renowned bariatric surgeon, Dr. Now has helped countless individuals achieve remarkable weight loss, often when all other methods have failed. His success is centred around the Dr Now Diet Plan – a meticulously crafted plan designed not just for quick weight loss but for sustainable health improvements in the long term.

Is The Dr. Now Diet Plan just another fad diet? Well, it’s a structured, calorie-controlled program that focuses on eating fewer calories and prioritising high-protein, low-carbohydrate meals, which are good science when it comes to weight loss. The plan doesn’t involve drinking special teas or taking miracle cure pills, which is always a good start. In reality, this plan has been instrumental in helping many patients lose significant weight before undergoing bariatric surgery. This reduces the risk of complications and sets the stage for long-term health benefits. 

Is This Just A Pre Weight-Loss Surgery Diet Plan?

Of course, this plan is great for those wanting preoperative weight loss. The benefits of the Dr Now Diet Plan extend far beyond the operating room, offering a comprehensive guide for anyone serious about tackling obesity and its related health issues. This certainly isn’t only for those undergoing weight loss surgery or those with a more significant amount of weight to lose. Whether you’re considering bariatric surgery or simply looking for a robust approach to weight loss, the Dr. Now Diet Plan offers a beacon of hope and a clear path to a healthier future. 

What Is The Dr Now Diet Plan?

As we have already ascertained, The “Dr Now Diet Plan” is a weight loss program created by Dr Younan Nowzaradan but what is the basis of the plan?

Key Components of the Dr. Now Diet Plan:

Low-Calorie Intake:

The diet typically restricts calorie intake to around 1,200 calories per day, though it can be adjusted based on individual needs. The primary goal is to create a significant calorie deficit to promote weight loss.

High-Protein Diet:

There is a big emphasis on lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, fish, and lean cuts of beef and pork. Protein is crucial for maintaining muscle mass during weight loss and keeping you feeling full, so it makes sense that this is a big element of the plan.


Vegetables make up a big portion of the plan with a reduction of carbohydratesespecially refined and processed.

No Sugar or Sugary Foods:

No added sugars and sugary foods and beverages and avoid desserts, sweets, sodas, and any other high-sugar items.

Limited Fat Intake:

Limit the consumption of high-fat foods, particularly those with unhealthy fats like trans fats and excessive saturated fats. Healthy fats can be used in moderation, such as olive oil or avocado.

Portion Control:

Smaller portions that are controlled and well balanced to prevent overeating and consuming.

Balanced Diet:

Nutritional value is key to making sure every meal provides what the body requires in order to function at top performance.


Drink enough water throughout the day and avoid sugary beverages and sodas.

Typical List Of Foods on the Dr. Now Diet

  • Lean Proteins: Chicken breast, turkey, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy.
  • Vegetables: Leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, cucumbers.
  • Fruits: Limited portions of berries and other low-sugar fruits.
  • Grains: Small servings of whole grains like brown rice or quinoa.
  • Fats: Limited amounts from sources like olive oil, nuts, and avocados.
  • Beverages: Water, herbal teas, and other non-calorific drinks.

Foods to Avoid:

  • Sugary Foods: Any added sugar, sweets, cakes, cookies, and sugary drinks – like fruit juices and sugary snacks.
  • Processed Foods: Packaged snacks, fast food, and anything high in refined carbs.
  • High-Fat Foods: Fried foods, fatty cuts of meat, and full-fat dairy.
  • Starchy Vegetables: Potatoes, corn, and peas (in large quantities).
  • Alcohol: Typically not recommended due to its high-calorie content and potential to disrupt metabolism.

Who Is The Dr Now Diet Plan For?

Pre-Surgery Weight Loss: As mentioned before The Dr Now Diet Plan helps patients lose weight in preperation for surgery to reduce surgical risks.

Long-Term Weight Management: This plan is also popular amongst people that just want to lose weight by providing a foundation for healthy eating habits.

Health Improvements: This plan is also popular with people that have additional health conditions that they wish to improve, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Does The Dr Now Diet Work?

The ever-elusive question that everyone wants to answer is – does it work? The plan has a good scientific foundation – reducing calories in, prioritising protein and reducing carbohydrates. If these things are all implemented then yes, in theory the plan should work. Long-term this foundation creates good structure for a healthier lifestyle going forward encouraging foods made from raw ingridients and the aversion of processed foods. 

The Dr Now Diet Plan Negatives?

Although this plan sounds good in theory, my biggest concern would be in relation to the recommended calorie amount being so low. A 1200-calorie diet could be considered extreme calorie restriction. The foundation of any weight loss plan works on the basis of being in a calorie deficit, but dropping that figure too low too soon can lead to a host of problems and a lack of sustainability. When choosing a calorie deficit, it is important to ensure you eat the right calories for your body weight and activity level. By dropping this number too low, you risk feeling lethargic, hungry and irritable. Personally, I would always opt for working out your TDEE and reducing your calories without going lower than your BMR – more information on that here. I have tried (and failed) many times to lose weight on restrictive diets, and eating too few calories was almost always the reason I failed predominantly and even caused weight gain! Now, I eat in a calorie deficit, but it is far more than I ever believed was possible on a ‘diet’, and I have been the most successful I have ever been!

If the Dr Now Diet Plan is still appealing to you, then just be cautious of consuming such a low-calorie figure and seek advice from a health professional who may be able to offer medical supervision. When this plan is fully implemented with every aspect being used as Dr Now intended, then it’s likely to work best.

In Conclusion

The success of The Dr. Now Diet Plan is clear and it is ever popular with people. Although it is a strict, low-calorie diet and may be challenging to follow, it is designed to yield rapid weight loss and prepare individuals for surgery or significant lifestyle changes. It’s always recommended to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new diet plan, especially one as restrictive as Dr. Now’s diet plan. As I said before, these kinds of dramatic changes to diet aren’t suitable for everyone. Lots of factors need to be considered when taking on a new plan, including overall health, medical conditions and how much weight you have to lose. Someone with morbid obesity is going to have completely different needs to someone who is almost at their target weight. Have you tried the Dr Now Diet Plan? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below. 

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