My 2023 Weight Loss Journey: Week 1 Update

My 2023 Weight Loss Journey: Week 1 Update

Welcome to the first update of my 2023 weight loss journey! I recently wrote down and shared with you my weight loss goals for 2023. I received a HUGE amount of support from people praising me for sharing my journey and thanking me for encouraging them to start their own. Thank you to anyone that did reach out or just read the post and supported me – weight loss is a bit of a taboo topic and I always get a mixed responses from people saying I shouldn’t use this platform to share something personal and an outcry of people appreciating the fact that I do!

You cannot please everyone and I do think we need to normalise people wanting to lose weight for their own individual reasoning. It doesn’t mean I don’t support the body-positive movement or have somehow overnight become fatphobic but for me right now is the right time to tackle something that has been making me so unhappy for a really long time and if you don’t like that then you know where the door is! Ha! Rant over!

Anyways, I embarked on this journey with the goal of shedding excess weight by incorporating calorie counting and daily walks of 10,000 steps into my routine. In this update, I will share my starting weight, target weight, weekly weight loss, and the strategies I’ve employed to achieve my goals so far. So, let’s dive in!

Starting Point and Goals

My journey began with a starting weight of 93.1kg, and my ultimate target weight is 68kg. Understanding that steady and sustainable weight loss is key, I aimed to lose between 0.5kg and 1kg each week. To achieve this, I focused on reducing my daily calorie intake by 500 calories below my maintenance calories.

Week 1 Progress

I’m thrilled to report that after the first week of following my weight loss plan, I have lost an impressive 2.5kg! This progress puts me on track to achieve my weekly weight loss target, and I couldn’t be more motivated to continue on this path. In the past, I have followed the Slimming World plan with good success but upon weighing up the differences between that and calorie counting I chose calorie counting as my method this time around. Personally, I have found calorie counting super easy and stress-free.

I log everything – you have to – missing or guestimating won’t work on this plan but it does give me the flexibility to eat exactly what I want. I even had Mcdonald’s this week!! I don’t think I ever thought I could eat a McDonald’s whilst trying to lose weight but I did AND I still smashed my weight loss target for the week. Lots of people have asked me what I ordered – I had a big Mac Meal!

Of course, Mcdonald’s isn’t a nutrient-dense meal and shouldn’t be eaten as more than a treat but if you eat it within your calorie allowance then there is no reason why you wouldn’t lose weight. I have pretty much eaten what I wanted this week making choices based on my calorie allowance and aiming for nutrient-rich foods to prevent feeling sluggish or hungry.

Strategies for Success

1. Calorie Counting: I tracked everything using My Fitness Pal on my phone. You can get a paid version – I don’t – I use the free version and I have had no issues. You do have to make sure that the calories match the calories on the packet of things as a few times they have been wrong but other than that it is super easy and simple to follow.

A few things to note I DO NOT eat back any calories it counts for working out. If my Apple watch pulls data through that says I burnt calories from a work out My Fitness Pal will make out that I have these calories available to eat – I don’t believe this is strictly true and the calories burnt can be very sporadic and incorrect so best to deduct them from your calorie allowance.

As I said before I log everything as accurately as possible. I avoid guestimating and if it goes in my mouth it gets added to the app whether it’s a cheeky Haribo from my kids’ pick and mix or a bite of toast left over it all has to be counted.

2. Reducing Caloric Intake: To create a calorie deficit, I aimed to consume 500 fewer calories than my maintenance calories each day. This involved making conscious choices to opt for healthier alternatives and control portion sizes. By focusing on whole foods, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, I was able to reduce my calorie intake without sacrificing nutrition.

3. Regular Exercise: Walking 10,000 steps a day became an integral part of my routine. Not only did it help me burn additional calories, but it also provided a range of health benefits. I found that incorporating walks into my day was achievable and enjoyable, allowing me to stay active and increase my overall fitness level. As I have said before I am not a fan of the gym but I do enjoy a nice walk. I have found 10,000 steps easy to achieve without feeling like it is too much of a chore.

4. Mindful Eating: Being mindful of my eating habits has been crucial in managing my calorie intake. I learned to listen to my body’s hunger and fullness cues. This is helping me build a better relationship with food which will be the basis of my success going forward. I know that stress is a big trigger for me when it comes to eating so being mindful of that and aware of my mood is helping.

5. Support System: Having a strong support system has been invaluable throughout this journey. Any kind of weight loss journey can be lonely – especially if everyone around you is on a different journey. I have put together a free Facebook group to share our weight loss journeys here if you would like some support and company on your journey – Join Here.

Looking Ahead

As I reflect on my first week of this weight loss journey, I am incredibly proud of the progress I have made. Losing 2.5kg has given me the confidence and reassurance that my efforts are paying off. With the strategies I have implemented, I am optimistic about achieving my long-term goal. This is certainly a marathon, not a sprint. I would love to shed the weight in half the term but health comes first and past experiences tell me that rushing these things only ends in a binge relapse and more weight gain in the end.

This week, I plan to stay consistent with my calorie counting and continue walking 10,000 steps a day. Additionally, I will remain flexible and open to adjusting my approach as needed, knowing that weight loss is a dynamic process that requires adaptation. Although there is a great taboo around cheat days if for any reason I do go over my calorie allowance for a day I won’t sweat it too much – these things do and will happen and that’s okay. If it does I will reset and get back on track again as planned.

I will see you next week to confirm how things are going on this journey. If you are planning your own weight loss journey remember to reach out to a health professional for advice and support to make sure you tackle things in the healthiest and safest way for your individual body and health needs.

Thank you for stopping by! Check out my last post here.

Love as always!


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