Shamed For Wanting To Lose Weight

Shamed For Wanting To Lose Weight

In all the years I’ve been writing this blog I’ve never once shied away from honesty when it comes to my weight journey. I feel it a huge injustice to share only the positive, happy aspects of my life as that in itself only breeds this unachievable Insta perfect facade that is damaging. I’ve recently shared that I am beginning my weight journey again this year, and I’ve expressed in-depth how I have a target I’d love to achieve this year. Upon sharing this, I was approached by several people (who I am confident don’t even read my blog) and told that by sharing this kind of content I am feeding into the toxic diet culture that exists today and actively encouraging (mainly) women to lose weight unnecessarily. I was told that what should, in fact, be doing is promoting body confidence.

Body Confidence

Let’s just be real for a second and highlight that body confidence is more than just prancing in your knickers on Instagram. Let’s also clarify that I love the current body confidence movement. It’s liberating and wonderful to see people feel confident and good in their own skin. Is it so much to ask that I too feel confident and good in my own skin? Body confidence is not the same for everyone and yes I agree that it shouldn’t be defined by a number on the scales but for some people it is. I am honest in saying I currently have no body confidence, but I haven’t always felt this way. I’ve never been a size zero, nor do I have any desire to be, but when I weigh less, I am a happier version of myself. I’m not the only person to feel that way, and surely that is ok?

In the same way, I wouldn’t throw shame on someone who didn’t want to lose weight I wouldn’t throw shame on someone else who does. I wouldn’t tell someone they shouldn’t diet, or if they do, they shouldn’t share that fact. If someone wants to change their lifestyle and become healthier then why shouldn’t they? I’m not promoting the idea of unhealthy weight loss or painting an image that weight loss will solve a world of problems because it won’t. I’m honest when I say I’ve tried every diet fad going I’ve drunk the teas, taken the pills and practically starved myself for weeks at a time. I’ve dropped weight in both the correct and incorrect ways in the past, and I would never sell someone and unrealistic expectation that weight loss is easy or a quick fix. I have and will always be honest in what I share across my platforms, and that includes weight.

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Let’s not skirt around the genuine impact that obesity has on someone’s health and the NHS here in the UK. Making people feel shame for wanting to be fitter and healthier is wrong. I can agree that there is a toxic diet culture around at the moment, and I do understand the need to shield people away from that. Particularly the younger generation. Eating disorders are no joke, but I’m certainly not promoting that in my content.

News and media

There has been a recent influx of hate aimed toward singer Adele because she has recently lost weight. I read comments on twitter, throwing shade toward Adele and insinuating that her weight loss could encourage eating disorders in 2020. Although I can see where this concern comes from should Adele not be allowed the privilege of being the weight she chooses? Even as a public figure and idol? Is stating that her weight has an impact on others not feeding into that toxic diet culture in itself? Instead should we not be diverting the conversation away from Adele’s weight altogether? Should we not be saying how kick-ass her voice is and how wonderful she is as a person because defining someone based on their weight is wrong regardless of whether it’s because they weigh more or less?

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You Do You

I don’t look at someone in the street and think that they need to lose or gain weight. I don’t believe that people who weigh the same or more than me should diet just as I don’t think people who weigh less than me should put on weight. Body confidence is different for everyone, and what makes one person happy won’t necessarily be the same for anyone else, but surely that’s ok? Be the weight you feel comfortable – what works for your body and you personally.

I won’t be shamed for wanting to lose weight and be healthier especially since I am doing it in a healthy and realistic way. I don’t pass judgement on other people for wanting to be the weight they are so why should I get hate?

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  1. Amber Faust
    17th January 2020 / 8:34 pm

    You just wrote how I’ve been feeling about it all. I’m a keto vegetarian and I can’t share on IG because every time I get a dozen or so comments about how I’m shaming people to lose weight when I’m just sharing my journey.

    • sophiegw
      18th January 2020 / 1:43 pm

      Isn’t it ridiculous that we can’t just be ourselves without others attacking us? I’m sorry it is the same for you since I wrote this post the outpour of people experiencing the same is shocking xxx

  2. fionajk42
    2nd April 2020 / 9:51 pm

    I purposely do not tell anyone other than my husband that I want to lose weight, because I don’t want uninvited comments about something that is nobody’s business but mine. it seems that if you weigh 30 stone, you can say you want to lose weight, but if you just want to lose a few pounds, people have a go at you.

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