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So, my three-month Modius trial is over. Like most things seem to these days it has flown by so it’s time to give you my final Modius update and fill you in on my thoughts and experiences on this weight loss device.

Quick Recap

I’ve spent my whole life battling my weight forever of a diet, health kick or the latest fad! My weight causes me colossal self-confidence issues, and I am certainly not happy with the size I am. Food is a great comfort to me I use it to celebrate – to commiserate. It marks a great day, a bad day, a sad day, even just a Tuesday! Food seems to be the centre of everything which I know is far from healthy.

Modius weight

Not only do I have this unhealthy relationship with food, but I also have an addictive personality. Which has seen me struggle with a prescription painkiller addiction in the past. This addictive behaviour spreads to food, too, and I often find myself feeling obsessed with a particular food. I crave sweet things mostly in the evening, and it really works against my willpower.

So, to combat all of this I started trialling the Modius headset. The Modius headset is designed using neuroscience and alleges to help decrease appetite, reduce cravings and help you feel fuller for longer. These are all issues I have with food, so it sounded beneficial.  The Hypothalamus is the part of the brain that monitors hunger, and the Modius headset is designed to stimulate the Vestibular Nerve, which impacts the Hypothalamus positively.

Sophie Modius Headset

How Have I Been Getting On?

So, for the Modius headset to work to its full capacity, you need to wear it for one hour per day for a minimum of five days a week. This was a struggle at first. The Modius headset sits just behind the ear, and it causes a swaying feeling. Initially, this caused me some discomfort, and I was often left feeling slightly sick. This passes though, as you use the headset more and more, and I soon found that I was able to use it without issue. My main problem was finding the time. It sounds ridiculous, but when you are time poor to start with finding a spare hour and remembering to use the headset is difficult. I would often settle into bed and realise I had forgotten to wear it!

Soon habits form though, and I found my best chance of success was to put it on first thing in the morning. Once it was done, and out of the way, I didn’t have to worry about fitting it in too much. I found that trying to find time to use it on the weekends was much harder so I would use it for the five days across the week and on the weekend if it found the time.

Has the Modius Headset helped?

So, the Modius headset doesn’t claim to be a miracle cure. It is designed as a tool to help aid weight loss; sadly, you don’t wear it and become instantly slim. One significant change I have noticed since starting my trial is that my sleep is much deeper and the quality is much higher. This means that I wake up feeling refreshed and less fog like. I notice my sleep pattern change on the days I do not use the headset.

Having extra energy has meant that I joined the gym a couple of weeks ago. The idea is that it gives me some self-care time away from Hugo but also the opportunity to incorporate some exercise into my lifestyle. I never had any energy by the evening before using Modius, so I am really thankful for this!

In regards to my weight, I have lost almost 9lbs since starting the trial. Honestly, I was hoping for a more significant loss, but if I am frank, my diet hasn’t been on track. If I had eaten the way I have done for the past three months without the headset, I honestly believe I would have a weight gain and not a loss. I don’t know what it is right now, but I cannot get my head into the healthy eating lifestyle. I am continually grabbing food for convenience and stress has played a considerable part. I hope that in the future, with the correct diet that my loss will be much more significant.

That all being said Modius is definitely helping. As I have previously mentioned, I have a strong addictive personality, and I often crave sugary and sweet foods at the end of the day. This is ultimately my weakness, and I can stay on plan all day but ruin it by indulging in the evening. Since wearing the Modius headset, I have seen a significant decrease in my sweet cravings. I can even have sugary foods in the house and choose not to indulge, which is shocking if you know me at all personally.

There has been no change in my body image.

Overall Conclusion

This three-month trial has been interesting. I initially hated using the headset, and it took some time to get used to. I also find it a slight burden to find time to wear it when juggling the rest of my already saturated schedule. However, my findings are clear that the headset has positively reduced appetite and cravings, particularly in areas I have struggled in the past. I have also found my sleep pattern is much better when using the headset, meaning I start my day much more positively and then find it easier to resist the wrong foods.

I think if the Modius headset was used with a healthy diet and exercise, it could be that extra tool needed to boost weight loss. Although I only lost 9 pounds in total, there was no extra effort or diet change involved, so that’s not really that shabby!

Will I Continue with Modius?

I would really like to. The extra benefits I have from sleeping better alone make it worthwhile and I hope I can keep up with the recommended sessions. If I continue with the gym training and start to alter my diet, I should hopefully see more significant weight losses in the future.

If you would like to do your very own Modius trial, then they offer a 90-day money back guarantee. If you use code soph15 at the checkout, you will also get 15% off!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Modius – whether you have trialled it or if you think it is something that would help on your weight journey. Let me know in the comments below!

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*This is a paid collaboration with Modius

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  1. Caro | The Twinkle Diaries
    6th July 2019 / 11:17 am

    Well done on losing 9lb!! I’d have been really, really pleased with that!!! Overall, I didn’t lose any weight at all. But I haven’t written Modius off yet — I’m still going to continue with it.

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