Teacher Gift Ideas 2019 – AD-Gifted

Teacher Gift Ideas 2019 – AD-Gifted

*Contains PR Samples received on a gifting basis for inclusion in this blog post.

Good teachers really don’t get enough appreciation for the work they do. Henry has really been blessed in his school years with attentive teachers that genuinely care about their pupils. Teachers really do shape the future of our children and stoke their passion and excitement, which can be the reason they go on to achieve the goals they choose in later life. I hated English, but my English teacher in high school ignited a passion for the written word, and it is the reason I love to write today.

In honour of teachers everywhere I have compiled a list of some of my favourite teacher gifts that can be used to celebrate and thank teachers for their hard work this year. I hope you find it useful!

Teacher Gift Ideas 2019

Something to Share

If you are buying gifts for numerous teachers or you want to give something that could be shared, then Lily O’Brien’s share bags are perfect! They are available in five different flavours:

Mega Milk Chocolate

Dark Belgian Chocolate

Crunchy Salted Almond

Creamy Caramel & Sea Salt

Crispy Butterscotch

You can buy the bags separately or buy a pack of four – perfect for handing round the staff room.

Lily O'brien Teacher gift 2019

Lily O’Briens also do a Desserts Collection featuring 18 delicious chocolates inspired by the best-tasting desserts such as:

Hazelnut Torte

Passion Fruit Posset

Banoffee Pie

Crème Brulee

Whether they choose to share them out or indulge themselves, these chocolates are sure to make any teachers day.

Something to Help them Relax

Teachers spend the majority of their time at school whether it’s coming in early to prep for the day or staying late to help run after-school clubs it’s safe to say that when they finally get home, they deserve a relax. One of my favourite ways to unwind is in a hot bath with some Olverum bath oil. Olverum makes the most luxurious and relaxing bath I literally recommend it to everyone! Olverum contains ten pure essential oils which work together to help relieve stress and lead to a good nights sleep. Available in:

125ml – Enough for 25 baths – £32.00

250ml – Enough for 50 baths – £58.00

Travel Set – Enough for 9 baths – £22.00

You can purchase online from olverum.com, Liberty and Fenwick.

Another great gift would be a candle from Willow & Finn. These hand-poured, small-batch soy candles are mood-boosting so perfect for teachers that have had a long day, week or term. These candles smell absolutely divine, and they look beautiful on display.

They are available in a range of different fragrances such as:

And relax

And so to bed

Breathe easy

Back to happiness

A woodland stroll

Comforting hug

Candles start from £8.00 each, and there are some sets and offers available!

Something for the Home

Something for the home is always a lovely idea in my eyes and a Willow Tree Figurine makes a great gift. I used to collect Willow Tree ornaments, and my family would always buy them for me, and I love the sentiment and meaning behind each one. The Willow Tree Thank You Figurine is a great meaningful gift for any teacher you want to say thanks to.

Another great gift is a wine glass from Lolita – like this gorgeous Wildflower design. Each Lolita glass is mouth-blown, and hand painted using specialist non-toxic food grade paint.

No two glasses are ever the same a bit like teachers when you think about it! This is a unique gift that is perfect for a practical gift or just to put on display.

If you are looking for a practical gift, then a gift voucher from Fantastic Services would be ideal. They offer a whole host of different services which can be really handy, particularly for anyone pressed for time. From domestic cleans, garden maintenance, handyman jobs and oven cleans. I recently had them come out and clean our oven because frankly, it is my least favourite job ever. After the results, I will never clean my oven myself again; they did an absolutely fantastic job in a fraction of the time it would take me to do it myself.

Anyone receiving a gift voucher from Fantastic Services can redeem it against any of the available services for their area. A Fantastic Services gift voucher would be handy for a teacher who doesn’t want to spend their precious time at home cleaning!

Something Just for Them

Personalised gifts are always popular, especially if you don’t know the teacher you are buying too well. This personalised cushion from GiftPup is both thoughtful and practical. Perfect for using at home or when at school in the classroom. It’s a great size, well made and plump so it won’t sag or become lumpy with use. GiftPup have an extensive range of personalised gifts available so you are sure to find something perfect!

A Leather Travel Wallet with personalised embossing is a really thoughtful gift, especially for a teacher heading off on their travels over summer. The wallet has two side slip pockets perfect for a passport and travel documents. There is also a zipped compartment perfect for storing travel money and coins. Scaramanga also has a wide selection of other travel accessories that would make the perfect gift!

An excellent idea for a practical gift would be a Sistema’s Stainless Steel water bottle. It’s common practice for children to have water bottles at school during the day and more and more teachers are following suit. Staying hydrated is an integral part of staying healthy and feeling well and having a water bottle handy is a convenient way of doing that without having to leave the classroom. The Sistema water bottles not only help keep cold drinks cold they are also suitable for a hot beverage such as tea and coffee and will keep them warm for up to six hours!

If you want to say thank you but you don’t know where to start then the Thank You Smartbox by Buyagift is ideal. With a choice of 1000’s of great experiences to choose, it really is the perfect gift. Whether they want a day trip, pampering experience or a memorable night out there is something for everyone, and most importantly the choice is theirs! Smartbox’s are a great idea if the whole class want to club together on something and you know this is going to be a gift that is used!

I hope that your children had a fantastic school year and that you found these ideas helpful for teacher gifts. If you have any other ideas for perfect gifts I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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In honour of teachers everywhere I have compiled a list of some of my favourite teacher gifts that can be used to celebrate and thank teachers for their hard work this year. I hope you find it useful!


*Contains PR Samples received on a gifting basis for inclusion in this blog post.

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