Olverum Bath Oil – True Relaxation at Home

Olverum Bath Oil – True Relaxation at Home


Over the past couple of weeks I have been relaxing with Olverum Bath Oil and you can find out my full opinion right here!

Olverum Bath Oil

Since having Henry almost six years ago there are only two definitive times I can confirm I have felt true relaxation. The first was when we took a family break to Wales. As a treat my husband Ollie booked me into the spa for a 2 hour treatment including a full body massage and a luxury facial! I get Mummy guilt admitting it but it was amazing having 2 hours of complete uninterrupted me time and I LOVED every second!

The second and most recent relaxation experience was last June when we went on holiday to Kefalonia. I was sat under the most luxurious sunshine, my feet nestled in the warm sand, the ocean in the background and Henry and Ollie playing carefree in the water.


Unfortunately, 2 hour spa trips and holidays on Greek islands aren’t available at my fingertips! BOO! I have had to resign to the fact that relaxation is a luxury I can’t experience often! I know this is a feeling that will resonate with all busy Mums out there! Relaxation is such an important part of self care though and something we all need to make time for! One way i like to relax is with a hot bath and a good book. I recently tried the Olverum Bath Oil and it is honestly luxury in a bottle!

Olverum Bath Oil

Olverum Bath Oil

I have tried different bath oils in the past. Having dry skin they can be a complete life changer and they are always on the luxurious side. I have to admit though that nothing I have previously tried compares to Olverum Bath Oil. Just a few drops swirled into a hot bath creates the most amazing smell and feel. I lit some candles and took a long soak where I completely shut off from the world! It’s the first time I have felt completely switched off for a long time and boy did I need it! I could see an obvious reduction in my stress and tension levels which is unusual. I feel like I am constantly walking round like a coiled spring but I felt like I had let some of that go which was well needed.

As well as feeling fully relaxed my skin felt soft without that greasy feeling that can sometimes linger when using bath oil.

If you are struggling with sleep using Olverum Bath oil before bed can help achieve that good quality rest that we all crave!

One great thing about Olverum Bath oil is the fact it is highly concentrated so you don’t need much! The combination of essential oils provides therapeutic benefits and a great scent!.

Great for Aches & Pains

My husband has been training hard recently on his mountain bike and I suggested he tried Olverum bath oil for his sore muscles and even he was completely surprised by how good he felt afterwards.

Packaging & PriceOlverum Bath Oil

Olverum Bath Oil is available from olverum.com, Harvey Nichols, Fenwick and House of Fraser Online at:

£26.00 for 125ml (enough for 25 baths)

£48.00 for 200ml (enough for 40 baths)

I loved the packaging as the glass bottle makes it feel special and luxurious!

My Overall Opinion

I cannot fault the Olverum Bath Oil in terms of relaxation and stress relief. I feel genuinely refreshed and boosted after using this product and it helps tremendously with aches, pains and sleep troubles. It looks visually stunning and holds pride of place in any bathroom. The only thing that would put me off purchasing this product in the future is simply down to price. I’m not a cheap skate but as Mum it is hard to justify indulging sometimes!That being said you ultimately do get what you pay for and the cost is a reflection of the high quality essential oils used! If I’m honest I definitely think Olverum Bath Oil is worth the money and it’s obviously something you use for those relaxation purposes as oppose to every single bath. It’s something I would ask for birthdays and Christmases and I would use it sparingly!

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For more information you can visit olverum.com.

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*This post was written in collaboration with Olverum Bath Oil. I was sent the product on a gifting basis in return for an honest review. As always all views, opinions and words are my own. For more information regarding this please read my disclaimer here. Images were provided by olverum for the purpose of this review.




  1. Simone
    11th April 2017 / 1:07 pm

    Thanks for your relaxing tips! I’m a mommy too, sometimes we just need it 🙂 I will try your bath oil. xx Simone from Zurich

    • sophiegw
      11th April 2017 / 1:19 pm

      We do need it you are so right!! xx

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