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Thanks ACE

As you can imagine having two dogs a five-year old boy and a husband my laundry pile is always full and my house is always in need of a clean and tidy! When I was offered a helping hand by ACE I couldn’t possibly refuse!

Have You Heard of ACE?

I like to save money. It’s a simple fact that I think most people will agree with. I don’t purchase items on their brand weight I buy them based on ability and price. If i can get an item that works just as well but that is cheaper #winning. That’s not always the case though and I must have tried a million cleaning products and felt short-changed in the past. I tend to stick to my trusted favourites because I don’t have the time to re-do the washing or soak the toilet for 12 hours. I need products I can trust and that will make my job easier it’s that simple. I’ve heard of the brand ACE in the past. I know that they do a line of laundry products but I had never used them before.


Ace For ColoursACE

Ace for Colours is a washing detergent that you can use for coloured, white or delicate laundry. The product goes directly into the drum with the laundry. If you have any stains it can also be used as a pre treatment or pre soak! If that’s not enough great possibilities you can also dilute the product and use as a household cleaner or apply direct to surfaces such as toilets!! The idea of one product having so many uses fills me with joy.

However, it’s great having a product that is multipurpose but if its actual ability is substandard then it’s completely useless!

It’s hard for me to let my guard down and try a different washing powder or liquid for a number of reasons:

  • I’m picky.
  • I only like certain scents.
  • Some products leave a  feeling of residue that I hate!
  • I don’t like having to wash at ultra high temperatures in order to get an item clean!

So you could say poor old ACE For Colours had a lot to live up to.

Ace For Colours Verdict

I LOVE the smell! It’s not chemically or heavily perfumed it smells pleasant and most importantly clean. Even better is the fact the laundry smells just as good after the wash too! I have tried products in the past where the scent vanishes but the clothes smelt clean and fresh long after I put them away! I tried the detergent as a pre stain treatment and was very impressed with the results. As you can imagine having a child we end up with a number of unidentifiable stains but they weren’t a problem for this product!

ACE Toilet Gel

I also tried the ACE toilet gel and I was extremely impressed. You simply apply the product underneath the toilet rim and leave for 15 minutes. There was no need to scrub or wait for hours the evidence was clear that this product was a huge winner. Again scent wise I was completely in love! I often associate cleaning products with a scent that will burn your eyes and make you practically choke. This scent is strong but pleasant, clean and fresh.


Ace Multi-Purpose Spray

I was most intrigued by the ACE Multi-Purpose spray. This product can be used around the home for general cleaning. I used it in the kitchen, the bathroom in fact I used it anywhere it was needed! You can also use it on coloured clothing as a pretreatment before washing!! Now that really is multi purpose! I had to of course try it out and I was prepared to be left disappointed but was actually really surprised. Is it really possible to find a multi-purpose spray that works exceptionally for any job?


My Honest Opinion

I was really, really impressed. I think the thing I loved the most was the fresh, non chemical smell that was left long after use. My house smelt cleanwhich is something I think we all ultimately want! ACE is a brand I was aware of but had never personally tried before and I am certainly left feeling very impressed. Everything was super easy to use and really effective with limited soaking or scrubbing. I will definitely be using ACE products in the future and I am so grateful to be introduced to this brand!

 More From Ace

You can find out more about ACE, their products and where to buy from here.

Have you used any ACE products in the past? Would you consider switching? Let me know in the comments below!!

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*This post was written in collaboration with ACE and I received products on a gifting basis in return for an honest review. All views, opinions and words are my own. For more information please visit this page.


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