Weight Loss Goals For 2020

Weight Loss Goals For 2020

Since this post was written I have updated my weight loss goals for 2023 here. 

I wrote last year about my weight loss goals for 2019. My weight has been something I have struggled with for what feels like my entire life. I am constantly reminded that weight shouldn’t be a definer in how I feel about myself, but it is. For me, personally, there is a direct correlation between feeling better and weighing less. When I am lighter, my mood is raised, and I feel good about myself. I have Psoriatic Arthritis, so the extra weight on my joints only adds to pain and inflammation, which has a direct impact on my mobility.

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My Weight Journey in the Past

A few years ago, I dropped the excess weight, and I would honestly say it was the time in my life where I felt the most healthy. When I fell pregnant with our second child Hugo, I struggled dramatically with prenatal depression combined with excessive morning sickness. I struggled to find anything that wouldn’t make me throw up, so when I did, I didn’t have the privilege of caring, whether it was healthy or not. Of course, I planned on shedding the pounds once Hugo arrived.

Initially, my weight started to go down, which was boosted with breastfeeding. Within the first three months though things began to change and Hugo struggled with suspected CMPA and severe Reflux. He was in constant pain and would often spend hours in an inconsolable state. I got little sleep, and I had to change my diet and go dairy-free to continue breastfeeding.

Having a dairy-free diet was extremely restrictive. This meant choosing the right foods was not my priority not to mention that my baby was struggling and I had severe exhaustion! All of this resulted in my weight loss goals not being achieved.

BBQ Cocktails


Honestly, there is no reason why I didn’t achieve my weight goals from last year. I absolutely could have tried harder, but I just wasn’t in the right headspace. Work was stressful for both myself, and my husband and food is often a crutch for us. It’s a way to make a bad day better or celebrate a good day. This is a habit and something that we need to alter in order to regain a healthy lifestyle.

Find out how I did in week one here

This year I want to achieve my weight loss goals for several different reasons. As I have already mentioned, an increase in weight has a direct impact on my Psoriatic Arthritis. Damaging these joints through carrying additional weight could have a significant effect on my life in the future which is something I want to avoid. I also have two wild boys that like to be outside running around, and I want to keep up with them, and losing weight will certainly help that. The main driver after health reasons is one of vanity. I hate having my photograph taken when I don’t feel good about my weight which meant I spent 2019 avoiding pictures with my boys. I don’t want my children to look back and not have me as part of their memory because I was too busy hiding behind the camera. Yes, this is an emotional issue and one I can get over with body confidence. Still, I would love to feel good about myself because I am a healthy weight too.

Slimming World

I’ve tried many different weight loss aids from vibrating headsets to slimming teas but just changing my lifestyle with a plan such as Slimming World has helped me no end! This year I am kickstarting my Slimming World journey once again, and I hope that I can shed the weight and feel better about myself! If you are starting a Slimming World journey, I have put together some essentials to help get started here. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Ever wondered Why am I not losing weight on Slimming World? 

***This post was written before the world went a little crazy if you want to know where I am up to you can find out here.***

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