Anyone Else Suffering Lockdown Let Go?

Anyone Else Suffering Lockdown Let Go?
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I think it’s safe to say that I have in many ways succumbed to the “lockdown let go.” With beauticians, nail technicians and hairdressers forced to close many of us are walking around resembling our cave ancestors. As the country awakens from lockdown and we are forced to coexist in the physical realm again, it’s time to do something about it!

The Lockdown Let Go – It’s Real

If I could time travel back to pre lockdown, I would make sure I had my hair and eyebrows done in advance. The weekend before I actually walked passed the very place where I get my eyebrows threaded, and I shrugged it off. I had no idea that the freedom to get my eyebrows done at will was about to be taken away from me!! Now some people are lucky they can take to their own brows with a set of tweezers and neaten them up to a presentable level. Me? I’m well and truly banned from doing more than apply product to my own brows! It’s a skill I don’t possess, and I do more damage than good. Imagine all of the men that have had the “corona” buzz cuts – well that’s my eyebrows if I go near them! Luckily for myself and many women up and down the country we can attend our resident beauticians in the near future – lord knows I need to thanks to this newly acquired “lockdown let go”.

Lockdown Let Go Hair Salon

Weight Loss In Lockdown

Before we fell on these unprecedented times, I made a 2020 commitment to lose weight and become more healthy. It was a journey, and besides taking a week off for my holiday in February, things were going really well. I started to lose weight, feel better, and I was even exercising – which isn’t at all like me!! I had a loathing for Slimming World groups, but I actually found one that really resonated with me and a consultant who had personal success with her own weight to boot. For the first time since before I became pregnant with Hugo, I was motivated, committed and reaping the rewards. Then we entered the Twilight Zone, and the whole thing went to complete pot!!!

Some people have used this situation to boost their physical health and well-being. With fast-food restaurants closed, less temptation, and literally not much else to do this seemed like the ample opportunity to knuckle down and lose weight. Except, the problem for me is I rely heavily on food as a source of comfort and safety. It’s an issue I am dealing with and working through one day at a time, but when the future felt a little bit grim, I had to make a choice, and I went into survival mode.

Over the past four months, there have been many stresses and worries that have left me feeling overwhelmed, anxious and honestly pretty scared. I can openly admit that during this time, I have used food as a crutch to provide some comfort. There is no shame in that. We are experiencing a pandemic of epic proportions and living through that is more than a bump in the road. If this resembles a piece of your life too, I can assure you that you are not alone and it’s ok. You do what you have to do to get by in times of crisis, but now that we are coming out of the other side in at least some ways, I’m determined to get back on my journey.

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Lockdown Let Go Measuring Tape

Selfcare – Yeah, Right!

I am a huge advocate of self-care – after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup right? I have realised that over the past four months I have spent so much time running around after everyone else in mother hen mode that I have entirely neglected myself. That’s my way of coping sometimes – to fuss other people. That’s all well and good, but there has to be time for self-care too!

After looking at how neglected and tired my skin was looking, I’ve overhauled my skincare routine and upped my water intake. I’ve also treated myself to a new head for my electric toothbrush, which was frankly well overdue. It’s these little things that are making me feel like myself again, which is crucial if I want to move forward!

We as a nation will never forget what these past few months have felt like, and 2020 will be a year our grandchildren learn about in history. It doesn’t matter that we are immerging with chronic “lockdown let go” give yourself a break and put your best foot forward.

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  1. Nic
    14th July 2020 / 2:45 pm

    Hi Sophie,

    Totally agree with you, the lockdown letgo is a beast that needs to be slain! I put on a lot of weight since February, and unfortunately, lost my job to the pandemic, so my mental state is up and down, hence the attraction to food. I think you know what I’m talking about:) Like you, I have re-joined SW online (am based outside the UK) because with every new start, I’m hoping it’ll be the last time and I’ll lose the weight for good. There is always hope! I also hope you are staying motivated to keep going!

    Love the picture of Stitch (sorry, prefer dogs to children), what a sweetie. Take care!

    • sophiegw
      28th July 2020 / 9:25 am

      Hi Nic

      Don’t worry sometimes I prefer my dog to my children too haha!!

      I’m really sorry to hear about your job what a strain that must have put on your mental health. IT is a very difficult time with lots of worry and anxiety – make sure you are being kind to yourself. I know exactly what you are talking about my mental health has a huge impact on my eating habits!!! Sounds like you are going in the right direction you’ve absolutely got this!!!

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