How I Am Incorporating Self-Care In 2020

How I Am Incorporating Self-Care In 2020
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I’ve been talking a lot on my social media and here on the blog about wanting to really evaluate how I look after myself in 2020. I’m a mum to two lively boys, and like most parents find myself spinning all the plates on a daily basis. It’s hard to do everything, and often it is our self-care that takes a back seat. In fact, since having my second child, I have had little opportunity for self-care at all, and this has had a significant impact on my overall mood. Now that Hugo is older, I am taking back control and giving some time and attention to my own needs.

Why is Self-Care Important?

Self-care is essential because very simply “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” By looking after yourself and making self-care a priority, you aren’t being selfish. In fact, devoting some time to yourself actually adds value because when you feel on top of your game, you have much more to give and share.

What am I changing?

In 2020 I am making some changes to the way I treat myself focusing heavily on self-care – which I have neglected in the past. The first thing I plan on changing is my diet concentrate on what I put into my body with emphasis on giving my body the nutrients that it needs.

I also want to work on my fitness levels. Ten years ago, I was riding horses competitively, but today I feel out of breath just taking the stairs! I don’t plan on having a six-pack or spending eight hours a day in the gym, but I would like to feel fitter, especially for my children. I have started to take a few exercise classes a week, which is building my fitness.

A change I am bringing back is my daily meditation practice. When I was pregnant with Hugo, I would be up at 5am, and without fail, I meditated every day. This simple practice quietens my mind, relieves anxiety and sets me up for the day ahead. Having a new baby and juggling breastfeeding meant that I had to put a hold on my practice, but now Hugo is older, there is no reason not to get back into it.

Finally, the most significant and most important change I am making is to set aside time for me. I have spent the last 18 months as an extension of my child – which of course I have loved, but it’s essential to have time for me again. I plan on giving myself permission to have time to do something just for me. That could be going out for a coffee or having a hot bath in peace. I am also planning on incorporating the MYO touch from Gtech, which is a new adjustable automated massage bed!

Gtech MYO Touch

One guaranteed way to feel relaxed is by having a massage. I would love to incorporate regular massages into my new self-care practice. Still, when I’ve factored in the expense, travel times and logistics of appointments, it’s just not a realistic option. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the relaxation of a massage at home though thanks to the MYO Touch!

For the past two weeks, I have been using the Gtech MYO Touch at home for full massages without the need of a masseuse. Fully customisable with a simple adjustment, you can personalise the massage to deep and invigorating or light depending on your preference at the time. You can even target specific areas which has been particularly helpful to ease aching muscles after my new workout routine!

Setting it up and dismantling is easy and requires just three pieces of track to be clicked into place. Once set up, you just lay back on the soft canvas bed, and the automated foam roller moves up and down the track quietly while you relax.

I have found this a great way to relax in the evenings, and I love the convenience of not having to leave the house. It means I can use it while Hugo sleeps without the need of a babysitter because if he wakes up, I am still right there. I like how easy the unit is to set up, and the fact that it requires little effort from me means it isn’t a chore to use – which would put me off.

Find more information on the Gtech MYO Touch here.

I have really come to realise the importance of self-care for my mood, mind and overall wellbeing. Do you incorporate enough self-care into your life?

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Love as always!

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