What Is Speed Food & Why Should I Eat It?

What Is Speed Food & Why Should I Eat It?

If you have recently joined Slimming World or you already follow the Slimming World plan, then you will no doubt be familiar with the term “Speed Food.” In this post, I’m going to break down exactly what Speed Food is and why you are going to want to utilise it in your weight loss!

What is Speed Food?

Speed Food is the name given to low energy-dense food. Incorporating Speed Food into your diet or lifestyle will help boost your weight loss. For the Slimming World plan, you want to fill at least a third of your plate with Speed Foods. For an example of the foods that fall under this category, you may find this post useful.

Why Should I Eat Speed Food?

Speed Food can help boost the amount of weight you lose each week. Not only are these foods lower in calories, by replacing a third of your plate with them, you are also eating less of the higher calorie foods while still feeling full.

How Can I Eat More Speed Foods?

It sounds like an easy concept to include Speed Food in your diet plan; however, don’t be alarmed if you struggle. There are some effortless ways to cram in more Speed Food; here are a few examples:

  • Add hidden Speed Food to sauces. If you are making a pasta sauce, for instance, chop and add some additional speed foods such as carrot and onion. Once blended, you won’t recognise the difference.
  • Replace pasta with a speed food alternative. Pasta is a Free Food on Slimming World but if you want to speed up that weight loss consider using a vegetable alternative such as spiralized courgette.
  • Add berries to breakfast cereals or yoghurt.
  • Make a Speed Food salad and fill your plate with it before adding your main dish.
  • Swap out your usual lunch for a quick Speed Food Soup packed with all your favourite veggies.
  • Bulk out a breakfast omelette with your favourite Speed Food such as onion, peppers and mushrooms.
  • Replace chips or mash with roasted Speed Foods
  • Try substituting rice for a Speed Food alternative such as Cauliflower rice.

If you really struggle with incorporating Speed Food onto your plate, then you could have a bowl of Speed Food packed soup first and a smaller dish of the main meal to follow. Try to avoid just eating a bowl of Speed Food as dessert though as you may find you are then too full or you eat the Speed Food for the sake of it when the main meal already satisfied you. The aim of the Speed Food is to help reduce your portion size while still filling you up and this is much harder if you consume it afterwards.

Can I Lose Weight Without Eating Speed Food?

Yes! Many people manage to follow weight loss plans, including Slimming World, without eating Speed Food at all! There is no one size fits all and not eating Speed Food doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t lose weight. What you might find though is that on the weeks you do pack in those Speed Foods you lose more weight.

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