What Is An SP Day On Slimming World?

What Is An SP Day On Slimming World?

I talk a lot on here about the weight loss plan known as Slimming World. I have used it quite successfully in the past to slim down. Although when I used Slimming World I found it quite beneficial attending group was really not for me and then there was a toxic element to the whole plan itself. Currently, I am on a weight loss journey but after weighing up the comparisons I have chosen to calorie count instead. You can follow my success with that here. In regards to Slimming World though it really is a great weight loss plan for many people they can shed the pounds with ease and that is ultimately what matters. For those following a Slimming World plan the concept can seem quite overwhelming in the beginning with lots of information to get your head around. Once you have been doing the plan for a couple of weeks it becomes second nature. One of the questions I get asked a lot is what is an SP day? I’ve put together this post to better explain and hopefully, it will add some clarity to what it is and why it is popular amongst Slimming World members.

What is an SP Day?

SP stands for Speed and Protein because these are the two Slimming World food groups you base your eating around on an SP day. SP Days, also known as Extra Easy SP, are a unique component of the Slimming World plan. While the program primarily revolves around the Extra Easy plan, which emphasizes the balanced combination of Free Foods, Healthy Extras, and Syns, SP Days take a different approach. On an SP Day, the focus shifts towards boosting weight loss by prioritizing Speed Foods and Protein Foods.

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Speed Foods are fruits, vegetables, and certain other ingredients that are low in energy density and high in nutrients. Find out more about Speed Food here. Protein Foods, on the other hand, include lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, and vegetarian alternatives. By consuming primarily these foods on an SP Day, you can maximise satiety and optimise your body’s natural fat-burning abilities.

Benefits of SP Days

  • It Can Boost Your Weight Loss: SP Days are designed to accelerate weight loss. By reducing your intake of starchy carbohydrates and focusing on Speed and Protein Foods, your body is encouraged to burn stored fat for fuel. This boost can result in increased weight loss and a jumpstart to your progress.


  • Increased Energy Levels: The nutrient-dense nature of Speed Foods and Protein Foods can provide a sustained release of energy throughout the day. This can help combat mid-afternoon slumps and keep you feeling energized and focused.


  • Enhanced Feeling of Fullness: SP Days are known for their satiating power. Protein takes longer to digest, keeping you fuller for longer, while the fibre in Speed Foods adds bulk to your meals, promoting a sense of satisfaction. This reduced feeling of hunger can be a game-changer in overcoming cravings especially if you feel like your weight is plateauing.

How To Make the Most of an SP Day

  • Plan Your Meals in Advance: Preparation is key when embarking on an SP Day. Plan your meals in advance, incorporating a variety of Speed Foods and Protein Foods. Consider incorporating grilled chicken breast, steamed fish, colourful salads, stir-fried vegetables, and fresh fruits. Unlike a normal Slimming World day, more focus has to be on what you are consuming and how your meal is made up so planning is so important to aid success.


  • Stay Hydrated: Adequate hydration is essential for any weight loss journey. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to aid digestion, flush out toxins, and keep your body functioning optimally. Dehydration does not feel good and it will make you sluggish and encourage you to reach for those foods that are really not healthy!

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  • Snack Wisely: Snacks can be an important part of weight loss and making sure you have a plan is imperative.  Opt for healthy snacks between meals to keep hunger at bay. Fresh veggies with cottage cheese, hard-boiled eggs, Greek yoghurt, or a handful of berries can be excellent choices to curb cravings.


  • Embrace Seasoning and Spices: Experiment with herbs, spices, and seasonings to add flavour to your SP Day meals. These can transform simple ingredients into delicious and satisfying dishes, making your meals enjoyable and preventing monotony. If it tastes boring and plain you won’t stick to it and will find it much harder to resist those urges to just bin it all off. Flavour is everything don’t skimp on this.


  • Monitor Your Portion Sizes: While Speed Foods and Protein Foods are highly beneficial, portion control is still essential. Be mindful of your serving sizes to ensure you’re not inadvertently consuming more than you need. Remember to stop when you are full and build your plate up with at least one-third speed food at each meal.

In Conclusion

I hope this has helped answer the question: What is an SP day on Slimming World? Essentially a strategic approach to weight loss by focusing on Speed Foods and Protein Foods which can be very beneficial to boosting weight loss. By incorporating these days into your routine, you can turbocharge your progress, boost your energy levels, and experience increased feelings of fullness. Remember, while SP Days can be a fantastic tool, it’s crucial to strike a balance and maintain a varied and nutritious diet throughout your weight loss journey. As always before undertaking any changes to your diet – speak with a health professional or nutritionist to make sure you are doing the best thing for your individual health needs. Here at Sophobsessed.com we always push health first and although it is tempting to push ourselves into an unhealthy state to lose weight faster, it is never the solution and very rarely actually works.

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    26th February 2024 / 8:33 pm

    Hello, I am in Slimming World, I’m pre diabetic, have a epigastric hernia and need to lose 2 stone.. female (59 ).
    I was thinking that doing SP plan would help..

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