My 2023 Weight Loss Journey: Week 4 Update

My 2023 Weight Loss Journey: Week 4 Update

Welcome back to another instalment of “Have I Lost Weight This Week.” This post is so late, so apologies in advance. Life here has been somewhat hectic with the end of a school year for Hugo – his first non the less! It was also Henry’s last day in primary school -Insert sobbing emoji here. I can’t quite believe my children are as big as they are now! Anyway, back to the weight journey! This is my week four weight loss update – a whole month of calorie counting and some really good successful weight loss. How did I do this week? Let’s find out.

How Was This Week

This week was quite a nice week, to be honest. I feel like calorie counting gives me the flexibility to eat what I want within reason, and I work so much better under those terms. My go-to weight loss solution has always been Slimming World in the past, but I find it much more restrictive, and long term, it’s a struggle to maintain alongside my lifestyle. I also didn’t like how the goalposts seemed to change with Slimming World, and some of their calculations for syns seemed indifferent. I also could see how easy it would be to overeat on the plan, and I would dread weigh days.

I don’t dread getting on the scales now – I do it every morning as soon as I wake up. I have noticed that there are some fluctuations each day, and this is dependent upon the meal I ate the night before and how late I ate it etc. At first, I found these micro increases disheartening. If you are weighing every day and also noticing the same, don’t panic; it is entirely normal. If you are sticking to eating below your maintenance calories, you physically cannot gain weight.

Weigh Day Figures

In week four of my weight journey for 2023, I have lost 1.1kg (2.42 lbs), giving me a total loss so far of 7.1kg (1st 1lb.) I am thrilled to have lost over a stone in such a short amount of time with such ease. In the past, I would find weight loss to be a battle, but this time around, I am finding it much easier. I am incorporating treats like McDonald’s and meals out without ‘falling off the wagon’, and it seems overall far more sustainable. In the past, I’ve spoken about ‘cheat days’ on diets, but to be quite honest, regardless of anyone’s thoughts or opinions on whether a cheat day is appropriate, it isn’t needed on a calorie-counting diet anyway!

I know that not everyone finds success with this type of plan, and I can see how and why people might fail – I’ve navigated a few obstacles myself on this journey. That being said, out of every diet plan I have ever tried, I think I would have to say that calorie counting has by far been the easiest.

Next Weeks Plan

A few weeks ago, I did mention that I was struggling with my 10,000 steps a day goal. I’ll be honest; it hasn’t improved much!
Exercise isn’t essential for weight loss, especially in the beginning if you are a larger weight, as you burn far more calories than someone who is lighter. Although exercise isn’t essential for weight loss, it is a great tool for mental health and self-care.

I really want to try and increase my exercise levels and at least hit my steps goal each day. Getting out into the fresh air and moving my body makes me feel good – that’s a proven fact! I know all of the benefits, and I am more than capable, but time is not my friend right now, and I have to prioritise my steps if I am going to hit the goal!

In Conclusion

Weight loss is a journey, not a sprint – blah, blah, blah. I’ve lost over a stone, and I couldn’t feel prouder of myself right now. I am feeling and noticing a difference, and it is making me determined to keep going to get to my target.

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