My Weight Journey: Starting Slimming World

Slimming World

My Past

For as long as I can remember I have had an issue with my weight. Everything revolves around it. When I look at a picture of me I am instantly looking to see if I look ‘fat’ or if I try on a new dress “do I look fat?” No matter what I am doing my weight in some way is a thought in my mind. I think it stems from my childhood. My mother was always on a diet and she projected a lot of her body image issues onto me and became just as obsessed with my weight as she was her own. I was often called ‘fat’ at school despite being a healthy weight. These factors meant that my relationship with food wasn’t the best from an early age and it didn’t get much better as I got older.

My Weight Journey: Starting Slimming World

Body Image

Body image is a personal thing and everyone is different. Some people are happy, comfortable and confident being a larger size or a heavier weight. It doesn’t define them. It isn’t who they are. I would love to be able to say I am content at my current weight, but I just am not. I feel like everything revolves around my weight and trying to lose it.

Losing Weight is Simple

If you eat less and move more you will lose weight. It’s a scientific fact. That doesn’t make it easy though and even the ever-popular calorie-controlled diets can be hugely ineffective if you get your calories from eating the wrong foods.  Doing this means you won’t be kept feeling full or give you what your body needs. This leaves you feeling lethargic, hungry and pretty much destined to fail.


I have tried every diet going and they don’t work. Not long-term. Sure you can lose weight but as soon as you stop it’s easy for the weight to pile back on. If you want long-term results then a diet isn’t the answer, it has to be a lifestyle change.

LifestyleMy Weight Journey: Starting Slimming World

My weight has fluctuated up and down my whole life. At my heaviest, I was almost 15 stone and my lightest just over 8. Neither of these weights is remotely healthy. Right now my weight lies somewhere in the middle. I have successfully lost weight on more than one occasion but keeping it off is much harder for me. It goes back again to the unhealthy relationship I have with food. It makes my eating habits erratic and food has become less of a necessity to survive and more of an event, substitute or hobby. If I have a bad day I want to commiserate with food if I have a good day I want to celebrate with food. Habits like this are hard to break and certainly won’t change because of a fad diet or meal replacement shake.

Time to Shake Things Up

I feel like now is the time where I want to shake up my lifestyle. It would be nice if the focus wasn’t always on my weight or size and I want to feel confident, comfortable and happy. I want to be healthier and feel healthier because of it.  A few friends had been raving about Slimming World and upon further investigation, I have learnt that it is much more than a diet to lose weight, it is a lifestyle which is exactly what I need.

Starting Slimming World

I have taken time to get my head around the Slimming World Plan because it does seem a little more complex than a standard calorie-controlled diet. Once that side is mastered the plan seems really easy to follow. I will be posting my Slimming World updates as well as my tips and tricks for success so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a post if this interests you.

If you are interested in Slimming Aids to help weight loss I recently reviewed a great product you can read about here!

My Weight Journey: Starting Slimming WorldGoing it Alone

Before Christmas I went to a few Slimming World meetings to collect the information and get an understanding of the Slimming World concept. Personally I don’t think the weekly group meetings are for me. The idea alone gives me anxiety but also it costs £4.95 per week which is quite a substantial amount to pay to be weighed which is something I can do at home. I know the groups are far more than just weigh-ins but I feel like I wouldn’t be getting much more from the session and therefore it wouldn’t be justifiable for me right now.  However, if I don’t have success doing it alone I will consider facing my fear and going to group.

What’s Next

I plan on uploading some Slimming World videos so don’t forget to head over to my YouTube channel to subscribe for those. If, like me, you are considering trying Slimming World alone then keep a lookout for my next post all about grasping the basics.

You can find out more about Slimming World and your nearest group here.

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My Weight Journey: Starting Slimming World



  1. Willow
    19th January 2017 / 5:57 pm

    I can relate. I have had weight issues for a long time. I am currently eating low carb, which has not only helped me lose some unwanted pounds, but has relieved all my seasonal allergy symptoms, which I usually suffer with twice a year.

    • sophiegw
      20th January 2017 / 9:22 am

      That’s really interesting. Isn’t it amazing how diet can have an impact on everything? xx

  2. Esther
    19th January 2017 / 9:05 pm

    Currently on a diet myself and know it is a struggle to make healthier choices. Best of luck to you this year in achieving a healthier lifestyle!

    • sophiegw
      20th January 2017 / 9:20 am

      Thank you!! You too weight loss is HARD work!! xx

  3. lrramnath
    22nd January 2017 / 3:28 am

    It’s awesome that you have continued to look until you found something that works for you. It’s so hard to not base who you are on a number on the scale or the size of your clothes. I completely understand that struggle. I hope that this program works and helps give you the change you are looking for.

    • sophiegw
      23rd January 2017 / 5:54 pm

      Thank you!! it’s nice to know I’m not alone xx

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