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Valsoia Pizza

I gave birth to Hugo four months ago, and since then we have faced many different challenges the most significant being silent reflux. Hugo was really struggling with pain and discomfort during and shortly after a feed. These episodes seemed to be worse if I had previously eaten food products containing dairy so therefore I had to cut dairy from my diet while I continue to breastfeed. For the most part, going dairy free hasn’t been too complicated, and although there is temptation all around, I haven’t strayed because it’s just not worth it to see Hugo in pain. One of the most helpful things has been sourcing good dairy-free alternatives. Recently I have been trying some of the dairy alternatives from Valsoia but would they match up to the real thing?

Dairy Free Pizza is that a thing?

I think the food I have mourned the most since going dairy free has to be pizza. There really is little available as an alternative. In fact, I think that cheese is one of the most significant losses I have noticed as a whole. I have looked up recipes, and I know there are vegan cheese options, but I miss the convenience of a frozen pizza. That’s the big thing with dairy free I am finding that although there are alternatives to foods available they aren’t as readily accessible or convenient as the dairy-containing alternative.

When I heard about Valsoia, I was really impressed with their dairy free range of products. I was particularly interested in trying their dairy-free pizza.

Valsoia Pizza

The Valsoia dairy-free pizza with grilled vegetables is a great sized freezer staple for any pizza-loving fan that either cannot or chooses not to eat dairy. I have to admit having the pizza in the freezer was convenient and straightforward. I liked the fact that I could add additional toppings of my choice if I wanted to but if I’m honest, the grilled vegetables were delicious on their own. Although I was dubious that the pizza wouldn’t taste as I hoped  I was left pleasantly surprised. I could entirely replace dairy pizza with the Valsoia alternative and not feel as though I am missing out!


As well as purchasing and trying the Valsoia dairy-free pizza, I also wanted to try a cows milk alternative, and I chose their long life oat milk. I’m a big tea drinker and can often consume a fair few cups in a day, but I have been struggling to find a milk alternative that I like. I really like the taste of the Valsoia oat milk, and it goes really well in a cup of tea. One thing that is really appealing is the fact that it doesn’t ‘split’ in a hot drink as some dairy alternatives do. I would say out of all the milk alternatives I have tried this one was the creamiest and therefore closes to cows milk I have found.

Valsoia Oat Milk

Finally, I wanted to try a little indulgent sweet treat as desserts are one of the scarcest food types to source. I picked up the Valsoia Cashew Salted Caramel dairy-free gelato, and it did not disappoint. It is hard to tell that this sweet dessert contains no dairy and even my husband enjoyed a generous helping and he has to be the fussiest member of our family!

Valsoia gelato

Honest Opinions

I really enjoyed everything I tried from the Valsoia range, and I think their selection of products is extensive. It is great to have some dairy-free alternatives that live up to my dairy loaded favourite foods. Having this kind of variety makes going and staying dairy free much more comfortable and having foods that are quick and easy make my life as a busy mum much more manageable too!

I heard about Valsoia through Ciao Gusto who bring together over 30 of Italy’s favourite brands! It’s easy to pick up products from Valsoia and other leading Italian brands from the Ciao Gusto Italian Deli at Ocado.

Have you ever considered trying dairy alternatives like those in the Valsoia range?

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