How to Organise Your Home for a New, Little Arrival

Your heart flutters, your mind wanders and your brain bursts with excitement; you’re expecting a new edition to your family and you couldn’t be more delighted. When it comes to home improvement jobs, you love getting stuck into a new project and now you have the perfect excuse to begin another one. Welcoming a new baby into your home is going to be a fulfilled journey that you cannot wait to finally experience. It takes a lot of time to prepare for a newborn, so now would be the perfect time to get your home ready. From decluttering your spare room to altering your household cleaning products, here are a few ideas to get you started.


You might have been happy having a home full of junk when you were in your teens, but now you are about to become a parent it is important that you have a trash-free zone. Clearing out old cupboards, throwing away bulky items and decluttering your entire home will help you to feel more prepared for the new arrival. If you are wondering where to put all of your unwanted waste, then check out this website: You will quickly be able to get rid of your recycling, large rubbish piles and old household items in a flash. You don’t want your house to be full of junk when your little one arrives, so start the process now.

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Once you have cleared out your spare rooms and decluttered every cupboard and wardrobe, you might be ready to start redecorating. Getting a baby room ready is extremely exciting, but you need to give it a lot of careful consideration. You might already know the gender of the baby and you want to fill the room with pink or blue accessories. Perhaps you’re keeping it a surprise and you want to decorate the room in a neutral way. Choose the style that suits your tastes and remember to keep it as minimal as possible. Overpowering colours and patterns might be distracting and you want your little one to feel as calm and serene as possible.

Get Organised

Whilst you have the time you might want stock up your cupboards and get organised. You will be very surprised at how quickly you go through baby wipes, nappies, bottles and bibs, so now is the time to stock up. You have several months to spread out the cost of having a new baby, so make sure you use this time wisely and get on top of things whilst you can.

Change Up Your Household Products

You might want to invest in baby friendly cleaning products instead of using bleach and other toxic chemicals around the house. From the moment you become pregnant you want to live in a safe and non-hazardous environment, which means reducing the amount of aerosols and flammables you use. Why not try making your own cleaning products out of natural ingredients? You know these will be safe for you and your baby and you will have peace of mind throughout the rest of your pregnancy.

So follow this advice and get your home in shape ready for the new arrival!

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