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Care Bears

It’s really easy for a new mum to forget to take care of themselves. I’m always rushing around after everyone else I really haven’t taken part in much self-care lately. As you can imagine when Flair sent me a care package promoting their Care Bears range I was excited to take some time out just for me and indulge in some fond memories of my childhood!!

I used to be Care Bears obsessed as a child, and I used to be the proud owner of a giant Care Bear that my uncle won at the village fete! At one point everything I owned was in some way Care Bears related, and I practically wore out the Care Bears VHS tape I owned. There was just something heartwarming about those cuddly bears that had me hooked! So when I opened up my Care Bears package, it brought back all of those beautiful and nostalgic memories!

Care Bears Care Package

Nothing excites me more than seeing something classic from my childhood readily available today. I often have these conversations with Henry about what my childhood was like, and it’s so good to be able to show him something tangible from my past.

I was really excited to open my package, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course, I wasn’t disappointed! I love pink, so I was over the moon to see none other than a medium sized Love-A-Lot bear plush staring up at me when I opened the box. I love the bold colour and cuddly fabric which makes it the perfect pick me up! The medium-sized plushes are 13″ with an RRP of £ 15.99 and are available from *Amazon, ASDA, Tesco and Debenhams. There are different Care Bears available making them ideal for collecting because of course, you can’t just have one!

I also received a smaller Cheer Bear Care Bears Cub Plush. These bears are a smaller size making them perfect for collecting or using as desk buddies! They have an RRP of £7.99 each and come dressed in the cutest pyjama outfit! They are available from *Amazon and ASDA.

Finally, I received the Care Bear Squishems Figure Pack which is filled with the cutest squeezable Care Bear figures! The pack also included two mystery figures which makes them a fun an exciting collectable toy that would be ideal for imaginative play. Each package has an RRP of £14.99 and is available from *Amazon.

Do you like Care Bears? Who is your favourite?

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