Slimming World Week One Update: Have I Lost?

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Slimming World Week One Update

So I have been on Slimming World for a whole week!!! I wanted to just give you a quick Slimming World week one update and weigh in results.

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What Have I Loved

Fresh Food

A big part of the Slimming World concept is cooking from scratch. This means I have been able to control everything I am putting in my body. In fast food, takeaways and a lot of convenient meals there are a lot of hidden extras that don’t necessarily work well with our bodies. When my diet has been poor I can tell because I tend to break out on my face and I often feel lethargic. This week I have felt really good and whether or not that’s just a placebo, I definitely know my body will thank me for providing it with good fuel.

I Don’t Feel Hungry

I really haven’t felt hungry and that surprised me!! Whenever I have done a ‘diet’ I have always felt deprived and hungry and with Slimming World I just don’t!! This is a huge plus for me because if I get hungry I begin obsessing over food which means I am almost sure to fail!

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Slimming World does have challenges. Cooking from scratch every night takes time. If I’ve had a busy day or i’m home late the prospect of having to stand and cook for 45 minutes – 1 hour doesn’t excite me. It’s times like this when I would make an unhealthy choice or reach for a take out menu so this meant I had to on my game. I prepare everything I can in advance which saves time but I also purchased some of the Slimming World ready meals from Iceland to have in the freezer for moments when I feel I need convenience.


Two biggie treats for me this week have been the Slimming World HiFi Light bars in the Dark mint chocolate flavour. They are like an after eight mint and can be counted as part of your healthy extra b or you can syn them at 3 syns each. I have also been loving the Options mint hot chocolate as a cheeky sweet treat in the evening. These are synned at 2 syns. In honesty without these two treats I wouldn’t have been able to cope as I have a huge sweet tooth!

Loss, Gain or Maintain

My Slimming World week one weigh in results were…. A LOSS!! I managed to lose 5lbs and I am over the moon. Of course I think this figure is quite inflated and I think as I continue the amount I lose each week will settle into a more realistic figure. If I could lose 2lbs a week though I would be thrilled.

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Girl Look at My Body – I (Don’t) Work out

Please be aware the below photographs are of my body. I have had a child and it’s certainly not attractive to look at!! Scroll down at your own risk!!!


*Apologies for the poor quality photography I really didn’t think these pictures should have ever seen the light of day!*

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Slimming world week one update Weight loss before


Slimming world Week one Update Front Shot no top


This is only my Slimming World week one update so don’t expect to see a mega difference but we are getting there!

More From Slimming World

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Hope you enjoyed my Slimming World Week One update! How are you getting on with your weight loss goals?


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