Disneyland Paris Tips & Tricks: Save Money & Get the Most out of Your Holiday

Disneyland paris tips

Disneyland Paris Tips & Tricks

I have been fortunate enough to go with my family to Disneyland Paris for the last two years. Often people think that a family trip to Disney will be far too expensive and something that will be out of their budget. However I have learnt some great Disneyland Paris tips that will help you save money and get the most out of your holiday.

If it’s your first time at Disneyland Paris check out these tips! 

You Don’t Have to Stay in a Disney Hotel

Disney offer several different hotels with varying price tags but even the budget hotels can bump up the price of your holiday unnecessarily. There are some great hotels just outside the Disney village that offer fabulous family friendly facilities and you can get some fantastic deals. Most still offer a free shuttle bus to Disneyland daily so it’s really worth shopping around. Disney hotels do offer one additional extra which is access to their extra magic hours. This means you can access the park earlier than non Disney guests. However as wonderful as this offer is the park does still get quite busy during this time. We have never found a need for extra magic hours and still managed to do everything we wanted without it being a rush. If you’re wanting to save additional money and you don’t mind staying outside the Disney village, this is one of the Disneyland Paris tips I strongly recommend .

Have a Rough Plan

When I was thinking of my top Disneyland Paris tips planning was very high up on the list. It’s impossible to have a strict schedule in mind. You cannot possibly predict the queue times or other delays and factors that could send your schedule completely out of the window BUT that being said it’s a great idea to have in mind what you want to do. List the meet and greets you want to attend, parade and show times and then familiarise yourself with where you need to be. This will ensure you are in the correct areas at the correct time and will save you traipsing back and forth wasting time.

Disneyland Paris Tips

Utilise the Fast Pass Facility

Some rides offer a fast pass system where you can use your entry ticket to obtain a time to return so you don’t have to stand and wait in the queue. This saves time and means that you can be doing other things whilst you would usually be queuing. Everyone gets use of the fast pass system but you can only have one fast pass at a time. A full list of all the rides that have fast pass facilities can be found on the Disneyland Paris website here.

Queuing Isn’t Fun

Queuing is all part and parcel of Disney unfortunately. One of the best Disneyland Paris tips I can give you is to make sure you plan for standing in queues. My son was four & five when we went and we took snacks, drinks and a tablet for him to play games on. We also took a folding camping stool like this one
that we were able to fold up and put in a backpack between uses but which gave his legs a well needed break.

Don’t Get Swept up in the Magic

It sounds obvious but it is important to remain vigilant and keep an eye on your belongings. It’s easy to get swept up in the moment but when you are at Disney. Remember though, you are wall to wall with people and it’s a prime place for pickpockets and thieves. Sadly I have heard horror stories of people getting their belongings stolen and that would completely ruin your holiday! One of the safest Disneyland Paris tips I can offer is, be vigilant.

Don’t Eat in the Park

Disney is full of restaurants and fast food places BUT they are expensive and the food isn’t particularly great. If you want to save money then don’t eat in the park. It is far more beneficial to eat main meals outside of the Disney village. You can always take snacks and drinks to keep you going. There is a McDonald’s relatively close and other restaurants that offer substantial food at a fraction of the place. If you get the shuttle to Val D’Europe, a near by shopping centre with a well stocked food court.

Avoid Buying Snacks and Drinks from Your Hotel or Disney

You can buy snacks and drinks from your hotel but the prices are sometimes over inflated. If you are wanting to save money the best thing to do is to visit a supermarket. Val D’Europe has a supermarket but there are also smaller supermarkets near the Disney village. You can stock up on water, drinks and snacks and save money.

Disney App

Finally don’t forget to download the Disneyland Paris app to see real time queue information. This is really helpful in planning and prevents you trekking across the park unnecessarily. You can find out about the app here.

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Disneyland paris tips


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