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If I could give you a tool that would help kickstart your weight journey and tackle the core issues stopping you losing weight would you be interested? I have lived my life constantly cycling through different diet plans and fads to shift the pounds – and it worked. I lost weight initially but after time the pounds crept back on and I realised this was down to some core issues around food and my weight that needed dealing with otherwise I would have to live my life forever on a diet and that’s not what I wanted. The result of this realisation birthed my weight loss planner which I have now made available to purchase as a printable. Designed to really kickstart your weight loss journey this 23-page planner will help boost your success and reach your health and fitness goals. Separated into a four-week cycle it can be used again and again to keep motivation and identify those core issues stopping you from reaching your targets. Identify your triggers, track your meals, workouts, measurements, weight, mood and much more for just £4.79 available here.

Download Your FREE Printable Here


Eight Week Weight Loss Challenge Downloads

A few years ago, I created an Eight Week Weight Loss Challenge as a way to motivate myself to shift a few pounds before Christmas. In line with that, I created a very basic printable sheet which I shared with my community. That printable has been downloaded thousands of times, and I regularly receive emails and messages from people saying how much this challenge has helped them get back on track with their weight journey. I decided to uplevel the printable and added additional resources and value to help boost the results and success from the challenge. You can now purchase the “Upleveled” Eight Week Weight Loss Challenge for £4.99 here. It’s 39 completable pages that you can use again and again to help boost your success. 

You can still download the FREE Printable Here.

Buy the “Upleveled” Eight Week Weight Loss Challenge for £4.99 here.



Download your Eight Week Weight Loss Challenge FREE PRINTABLE here.

Buy the “Upleveled” Eight Week Weight Loss Challenge for £4.99 here.


Lockdown Let Go Measuring Tape

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  1. Sarah
    25th October 2020 / 3:17 pm

    Thank you so much ! All your info has been really helpful & useful ! I’m trying , yet again, to loose the weight !!!

  2. Jan
    3rd December 2021 / 1:00 pm

    Sophie, thank-you so much, i have just read all the way through each of your articles they are so supportive and answer all my questions. I do not find the sessions of any slimming programme fit with me, i like to do things alone so your thoughts fit with me. I was interested in Slimming World but didn’t want to get sucked into the competitiveness of it all. Your lists and suggestions i will be following, thank you once again. I will put you on my Instagram account. Woop woop 🙌

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