Week Six Weigh-In 2020

Week Six Weigh-In 2020

I’m finally catching up with my posting schedule, so it’s time for this week’s Slimming World update. This is my latest update, and then I’ll be back on schedule to post next weeks update as usual when that happens! If you missed Week Fives Update, you can click here to see it. It was from a couple of weeks back, but I have only just published it this week. Since that weigh-in, I have had a week off weighing due to being on holiday. This is the first weigh-in since then! Hopefully that all makes sense!!!

How Things Are Going

As I mentioned, I went on holiday for a week, and despite my determination to stick to plan, I did pretty much have a week off! I want to clarify that you can absolutely stick to plan despite going on holiday and really successful people manage it without issue. I made a conscious decision, not to overindulge, but I also wanted to enjoy myself too. Weight loss is about balance, after all. Could I have been better? Absolutely but do I regret it? Not one bit!

As I was away for last weeks weigh in it meant that I had a week off from being weighed. This sounds like a positive after a week off plan but let me tell you it made this weeks return completely anxiety-inducing. After getting home, it took me a few days to fully get back into the swing of things, but I had a good week overall. The problem was I wasn’t sure how much damage the weeks holiday had on my weight, so I had no idea what the scales were going to say. It also turns out that it was Star Week for me (TMI but that time if the month.) I very nearly aborted going to group at all, but I know that wouldn’t help my weight journey in the slightest.

How I Did

I was massively surprised and relieved to find out that this week I maintained! I know to many people this won’t seem like much, but I was genuinely worried that I would have completely messed up my journey by taking that time off. Maintaining gave me a little boost and the motivation I needed to get home and get back on plan 100%. After this week it means that my total weight loss is 16.5lbs total 3.5lbs since joining group.

Next week brings some challenges – stressful work projects and deadlines, so it’s imperative that I am prepared to prevent caving under pressure. Wish me luck! How’s your Slimming World Journey going? Let me know in the comments below!!

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