February Half Term Adventures 2020

February Half Term Adventures 2020

February half term is often quite a drizzly one. It’s that weird part of the year when we are all over winter, but spring hasn’t quite sprung yet. Last year we ventured off to Center Parcs for a mid-week break, and we had such a great time that we booked the same week this year!

January Blues Falling into February

I wrote earlier this year about suffering from the January blues a little. For the first time in as long as I can remember both my husband and I took all of Christmas off work. We spent time together with both of our boys completely relaxing and chilling out. The break was fantastic, but it did mean that when everything went back to normal in January, I fell with a bit of a thud. I set my goals and intentions, focusing heavily on wanting to get healthier and lose weight. Although I felt motivated, I also felt a bit down. We booked the half term week at Center Parcs to give us all focus and something to look forward to.

Time to Have Fun

I spent most of January and the beginning of February saying how much I needed this upcoming holiday. A break from the usual grind and when it finally arrived I couldn’t have been happier. We’ve been to Center Parcs many times as a family, and we visit at least twice a year. It’s expensive especially as we are bound by term times which Center Parcs absolutely exploit! Still, it’s both of my boy’s favourite place, and despite my grumbles each year it’s now become such a tradition I don’t think I could tell them no!

Why Center Parcs

Center Parcs is a real family orientated place. It’s one of those places where your kids can have a full-on meltdown in the middle of a restaurant, and no one even looks up from their pasta. It’s one of the places I felt most comfortable breastfeeding, and I know my children are safe. There are no cars and everyone staying there is out for the same thing. We always hire bikes, and there is a significant emphasis on being outside and enjoying the fresh air. There was an incident where I fell in a puddle but you can read more about that here.

For Hugo, it’s a place where he can run free. I don’t need to grip his hand tight or fluff around him as I do on the busy streets on Manchester. There are so many sights, sounds and smells to stimulate all of his senses it’s excellent for his development and he always sleeps really well!!

Henry loves the pool, and if he could, he would have us drop him off there as we arrive and pick him up on the way home! This year we gave him some additional independence allowing him to cycle his own route back to the villa and play outside on his own. He’s getting older now, but he still isn’t quite old enough to do these things at home yet, so the added freedom went down well!

As a family, we enjoy the activities like bowling and the treasure hunts, but mostly we enjoy eating out. It’s not just about the restaurants; it’s an opportunity for us to all sit around the table together every night. Although we try and eat as many meals together as we can at home it’s hard with work and often the kids eat together and Ollie and I will grab something later. This time away is a great way to correct that.

Feeling Refreshed

It felt like the week away went far too fast, but we all had an incredible time and have gone back to work, and school feeling refreshed, which is precisely what we needed.

What did you get up to in half term?

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Love as always!

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