A Year In My Thirties – Reflecting On Life

A Year In My Thirties – Reflecting On Life

I turned thirty one yesterday which means I have spent a whole year in my thirties. This time last year I felt a tad overwhelmed by it all. In my defence, I was eight months pregnant and suffering from some prenatal depression!! It wasn’t the thought of growing old but honestly who actually likes that part!! It was more that I was worried I had reached that point without much achievement. This year however I see things, and in fact, I think I am seeing them as they actually are rather than what I distort them to be.

I have achieved so much in my life, and ten years ago when I turned twenty-one, I had no clue what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. I spent the day alone – estranged from my family and ashamed to be around friends; it was the moment in my life I was the lowest. That same week I vowed to change life for the better and never have another birthday like that, and I am pleased to report I never have.

A Whole Year In My Thirties

The first year in my thirties has been one of significant change. Less than a month after my birthday last year we decided to sell our house and move. Of course, I was still heavily pregnant, and many people thought I was crazy, but it wasn’t as sporadic a decision as it seemed. We had discussed moving house for years, and it was always something we planned on doing house prices; however, circumstances and life in general always got in the way. Suddenly moving was an option and it wasn’t something I was going to put off any longer. We sold our house a week before Hugo was born and we already had a deposit on a new home. The following months were stressful as we waited for our new house to be finished and went through endless legal paperwork all with a newborn in tow.

Nine Months Old baby

Baby Hugo

Hugo being born was another colossal highlight, and he brought such light and love to us all. I was worried that the change in dynamic would disrupt things, after all, we had been a family of three for almost seven years, and we were happy – changing that made me anxious.

We didn’t find out the gender at the scans, and despite being adamant, he was a girl my precious Hugo was welcomed into the world in June. I wanted to absorb every second like a sponge and just drink in the moments and savour each step but alas the time has passed fast, and he is almost one already!

We struggled with colic, silent reflux and suspected CMPA which saw me going dairy free due to breastfeeding. It was a rough old road with sleepless nights and worry, but at six months things took a real positive turn.

Stresses & Smiles

Although life was stressful and there were moments that I felt coiled as tight as a spring the first year in my thirties was actually one of my favourites yet. My relationships between my husband and children blossomed and grew as we welcomed a new addition. Work picked up hugely, and I had some really excellent opportunities that I am incredibly grateful for and of course we now reside in our new home.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows as friendships changed, and we cruelly lost loved ones along the way. The first year in my thirties contained tears of both joy and pain, but on the whole, I feel stronger, happier and excited for the year ahead.

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  1. 30th April 2019 / 10:24 pm

    Oh what a year you have had! Babies and house moves – I’m not sure the next year can top that! x

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