Twenty-Week Scan – No Gender Reveal

Twenty-Week Scan

It’s my twenty-week scan on Friday. That means I get to see my baby again and of course I am so excited. This 20 weeks has both flown by and dragged on in equal measures. I’ve touched briefly on my emotional struggle and of course I have the usual pregnancy symptoms of feeling uncomfortable, excessive need to urinate and lack of sleep! I find the scans reassuring and it’s good to check everything is going as it should especially as at this stage the movements are only just becoming regular. The twenty-week scan is often the time when couples can find out the gender of their baby but we won’t be doing that!

Henrys Twenty-Week Scan

When we were pregnant with Henry we made the decision not to find out the sex at the twenty-week scan. I don’t really know how the decision initially came about but once that thought had sprouted it seemed like the best idea. It made the pregnancy feel magical and exciting. It was that one element we didn’t know and didn’t have any control over. I think that in life there really aren’t many surprises like that and it was truly wonderful to give birth and be told by my husband the sex of our baby.

We had considered finding out with this baby as I’m sure if you do in some ways the experience is different. It wasn’t until the pregnancy progressed and we actually decided against finding out in favour of a surprise.

Everyone has an Opinion

It’s hilarious to me how many people have an opinion on whether or not I find out the sex of my baby. Some people are genuinely shocked when they ask if we will find out and we answer confidently, no. I think it’s each to their own and I can see why people find out their babies’ gender just as much as I can see why people choose not to. We will find out the gender it will just be another few months until the birth!

Twenty-Week Scan
12-Week Scan

It’s Not Always Easy

Not finding out the gender isn’t always easy. Everything seems to be marketed at a specific gender and there really is a much lower selection of gender neutral clothes. Being honest though I love that plain white baby grow look for a new born so I aren’t too worried. It is frustrating to see things in the sales or cute little outfits but really not have a clue which one to buy!

Any Inclination Either Way

With Henry I knew he was a boy. I don’t know what it was – call it mothers intuition – but I just knew. I don’t have the same confident feeling this time and I have fleeting moments of being sure it’s a girl and then a boy. This pregnancy has been different to my first but perhaps that’s because it’s my second time as appose to the gender being different. My husband Ollie has strong male vibes after seeing the 12-week scan but I am just so torn. Ultimately, we won’t know until the birth so we will just have to keep guessing!

The Most Important Thing

The absolute most important thing at the twenty-week scan is getting the chance to see our baby and check everything is as it should be in there. I don’t have a gender preference and this baby will be loved regardless. My only wish is that we have a simple pregnancy that results in the birth of a healthy baby – after all that’s what really matters.

Did you / would you find out the gender of your baby? Do you like the idea of waiting or are you too impatient?

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20-week scan



  1. Jenny @thebrickcastle
    24th January 2018 / 8:21 am

    I love this post and I’m totally with you. I thought my 3rd baby would be my last and had to have a late scan, so I found out her gender. It’s not as good.
    You go through all that Labour and birth and having a surprise at the end was far better fun – although my gut instinct was right 4/5 times too! 😀
    Keep it special and have that moment when your partner tells you – it’s such an amazing memory and you can’t replicate it in any way 🙂 xx

    • sophiegw
      24th January 2018 / 8:34 am

      It’s nice to hear from someone that has done both! There really aren’t many surprises quite like this in life and I feel the need to embrace it for sure!

  2. Jennie
    24th January 2018 / 8:49 pm

    Congratulations!! I’ve never been pregnant but hope one day I’ll have kids. I wouldn’t want to know the sex before it comes out. I feel like that’s one of the biggest parts of expecting, not knowing the sex. Good luck with everything! x

  3. Kendal
    25th January 2018 / 9:09 pm

    Our 20 week scan is on Feb. 6th, and we also don’t want to know the gender. I never expected all the judgement and comments I would get from telling people we want to wait! People have rolled their eyes at me, told me I would change my mind, said I wouldn’t be prepared, etc. Someone even said that “yellow makes weak babies,” because apparently yellow is the only gender neutral color in the world. Honestly, their responses just make me and my husband want to know even less – plus the fact that we won’t have a name picked out until the baby is in my arms is really exciting to me!

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