Revamping my Bathroom on a Budget

Revamping my Bathroom on a Budget

My bathroom is in need of a spruce up. We want to put our home on the market in the near future so it needs to be in good order and condition but I really don’t want to spend a fortune. I’ve been thinking of revamping things as affordably as possible so that I achieve the outcome I want but without too much expense.

Revamping, Replacing and Juggling a Budget

Do I Need New?

At the end of last year, I had a quote for a complete new bathroom. The shower itself isn’t working too well and the pressure is pretty much gone. Initially I assumed it would all need replacing but when I received the quote it’s just not practical to outlay that kind of expense for a property we don’t want to live in long term. Ultimately, the bathroom suite itself is in good condition and a huge amount of the cost quoted would be replacing those pieces that are actually ok. Luckily, the person that gave us the quote suggested we just consider fixing the shower itself. I hadn’t even thought that this would be an option and originally assumed it would need fully replacing.

I did some further investigating and it seemed that the problem we were having with the shower could be a simple pump issue. I had no idea what that could mean so I researched online and found a page that essentially equated to shower pumps explained. Although this will be an expense it will cost far less to repair the shower than it will to fully replace so I am more than happy with that option.

Spruce up the Walls

Currently the bathroom is a mid-tone grey. Although I like the colour it can make the room feel a bit smaller because the colour is darker than it should be for the room size. I think a light toned airy off cream would go much better in the space we have. As the room gets quite damp due to the steam and condensation of the shower it’s going to be worth investing in some specialist bathroom paint.  

Having those neutral wall tones means that I can easily upcycle my current bathroom textiles and furnishings easily. This will save me replacing or buying new items outright.

Tile TLC

The tiles in the bathroom are a neutral toned grey that will easily go with any colour scheme. They are in excellent condition overall so it seems pointless replacing them. Of course, as tiles go they are slightly grubby looking in places. With some TLC and a good steam clean they should be back to looking like new and cost next to nothing to fix.


Originally, I wanted to have a gorgeous tile floor laid in the bathroom. If this was a home we planned to stay in for years I think it would be absolutely worth the investment. It seems like such an expense and effort to go to for someone else to live here. The likely hood is they won’t be to their taste and they will want to replace them anyway. That doesn’t change the fact that the current flooring needs looking at so I’m compromising by laying down a smart looking linoleum floor. It’s far more affordable but will still spruce everything up and make it look smart.

Originally the idea of revamping my bathroom gave me nightmares especially when I received that new bathroom quote! The fact that I can fix the existing shower and ‘spruce up’ the rest of the room on a fairly tight budget is reassuring and actually quite exciting. Have you ever considered revamping a room on a budget? What are your top tips?

Love as always!

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