Amazing Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas For 2021

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Is your bathroom looking a little drab lately? Today’s modern bathrooms have become a sanctuary and stress – relieving room to release the tensions of the day. New trends and accessories are now making their way into bathrooms such as towel warmers, soap dispensers, showers with heads on the walls and on the ceiling, hot tubs, televisions, among many other amenities. If your bathroom is in desperate need of a revamp, check out these amazing bathroom renovation ideas for 2021 on a budget.

Replace or upgrade your faucets

Over time, even the cleanest of bathrooms suffer from worn down and dull faucets. The great news is that they are fairly cheap and easy to replace! Brighten up your bathroom by replacing your old faucets for new and modernistic looking taps. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy replacing them completely, you can buy special paint that will allow you to paint directly onto your faucets to give them a new lease of life. These kinds of paint often need time to cure, so your taps may be out of action for a little while. If you’re planning on painting your bathroom, think about colours that would match your walls!

Consider new cabinets

Storage is everything in this day and age, and you’re very likely to want to store objects away in your bathroom such as cleaning chemicals and sanitary products. Over time and through water damage, the cabinets in your bathroom may have become warped and weakened, so why not treat yourself (and your bathroom) to some new cabinets? If you’re DIY handy, you could have a go at building them yourself. Alternatively, you could bring in a bathroom renovations team such as OzBoz Constructions to build one for you. Cabinets can make the world of difference!

Add greenery

If you use your bathroom as a space to relax and rejuvenate, then you might like the idea of giving your bathroom that ‘spa’ effect. Add plants to your bathroom to give off that perfect zen feeling and add lots of natural air and smells into the room. Consider a trailing eucalyptus for an incredible smell, look and feel every time you step into your bathroom.

Create a marble effect

Marble is a great addition to have in any bathroom because not only is it beautiful, but it’s hard wearing and expensive. However, if you’re on a budget, adding marble might not be an option. A great alternative that gives the same effect (and costs literally a fraction of the price) is DC-Fix marble effect. This easy to apply sticky back plastic is water and heat proof, and can last for many years, effortlessly giving your bathroom a much more expensive feel.

Add matching accessories

Finally, no bathroom is complete without matching accessories, and this is completely down to your personal taste and style! Whether you change out your bathroom light pull string to match your new cabinet door handles, or you add a mirror with a matching soap dish and dispenser is completely up to you!

*Contributed Post

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