Feng Shui Garden To Benefit The Whole Family

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Design the garden according to Feng Shui and you will achieve what you dream of! If you have not found another reason to make a mini garden on the terrace or in the yard of the house, you will here! Messy gardens are not good for the mind and take a lot of work. With the easy tips of ancient Chinese theory, you will be able to achieve even things that do not seem to depend on you. What do you want? Health; Love; Money? Well, invite them into your life! Define your spaces with directions. First of all clear out all the unnecessary junk. You could look at hiring a skip bin.

Success and glory – south side of the garden

Lack of recognition for success? Do you want glory? Well, the direction of success is south! Here you can play with fire! Red colors as well as triangular objects are the tools for your success. Balance with green and brown tones. The most suitable plant for this in the garden is the bergamot – it lifts you spiritually and will help you rise in the eyes of colleagues and friends. We all need a little more of this since lockdown

Love, Marriage and Family / Southwest 

If your garden designs include romantic garden lanterns, then this is the area to use! Rosemary and lavender are recommended to strengthen family relationships. This is also a good place for a barbecue.

Creative successes and children / West 

All gold, silver and white are welcome! Plant chamomile to enjoy good relationships with your children. Use metal objects or circular shapes – you can create pots with metal buckets and if you do not like the gray color you can paint them white.

Leadership and Friends / Northwest 

Do you want to be a more successful leader in your business? Feng Shui recommends blue and white flowers and the use of the same colors. The metal element will harmonize your relationship with people to activate the positive energy by adding a wind chime. If it is made of coins and with red threads, it will help prosperity and wealth.

Career, life course / North

This is the area where you need to work to find what you are looking for. Basil emphasizes individuality and luck in personal endeavors. Planted in the northern part of the garden will give impetus to your career.  Use objects with wavy shapes. It is also the most suitable place for a water pool – a waterfall, a stream, a small lake or a bird pool. The sound of running water has a very calming effect and the garden creates an environment that gives life and attracts positive energy.

Doctrine and spiritual development / Northeast 

Some of the most beautiful garden decorations are made of stones! Huge rocks will give you stability in your life and in your home. On a smaller scale they give you strength and purpose. Plant eucalyptus to clear your thoughts and achieve calm. Mint will help you discover new knowledge and enlightenment.

Money and luck / Southeast 

Jasmine and thyme will attract wealth and encourage financial fortune. If you have a yard you can put a small decorative fountain. For the terrace, you can use the aquarium with goldfish, but the fish must be an odd number. Water will attract money and prosperity into your life and running water will have a very relaxing effect.

*contributed post

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